The best mods for Minecraft and how to install them on PC


We detail what are the best mods for Minecraft (PC version) and how to install them to open up a range of possibilities in the game.

Minecraft is a title that already has years of history behind it and that increasingly has more players. Thanks to a recent trend in which a good number of youtubers and streamers have played it, the young public has been able to rediscover this timeless work. Even so, with the passing of the hours we can get bored of the content we find in the game, so in this piece of our complete Minecraft guide we will indicate the best mods for the PC version of the game and the method to install them , also on iOS and Android, since we can also enjoy the title of Mojang on mobile devices. Of course, in console we cannot install mods but we do have some special tricks and commands.

It is something that we already detailed in the corresponding piece of the guide linked in the first paragraph of this news, since in each of the platforms it requires a special method. In addition, on the page where we have redirected you for the mods you also find a detailed description of the installation and use process of these recommended mods for Minecraft, so if you follow those instructions there is no loss.

The best mods for Minecraft

Here we recommend a series of mods for Minecraft that we can find on the Spanish page MineCrafteo, who have been operating since 2012 to offer the community various useful content such as the modifications and tricks that concern us. In addition, on the page itself we find a useful description of each mod and the method to download it to PC in a simple and step-by-step way.

  • Illemana Defense (1.16, 1.15 and 1.14): an adventure map that will take us into a story where civilization has taken refuge in a fortress called Illemana.
  • Artifacts (1.16.1): Add new incentives to explore the world thanks to the inclusion of a good number of powerful artifacts that cannot be manufactured, but found in dungeons.
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