The best meeting of Rock and John Cena in DCEU is Not a Battle


Despite the history of their actors as rivals in the fight, Black Adam from “The Rock” and the Peacemaker from John Cena could fit better into the DCEU as allies, not enemies. Many wrestling icons have made a successful leap to the big screen during or after the peak of their wrestling career. Stars like Roddy Piper, Jesse Ventura and Andre the Giant have left their mark on the film industry, and top-notch wrestlers like Dave Batista, John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continue to become movie superstars in their own Right.

Rock and John Cena are arguably the two greatest players in the wrestling world: the former was at the pinnacle of the famous Attitude Era, and the latter was the face of the Era of Ruthless Aggression. Throughout their long and successful careers, Rock and John Cena have created one of the most famous rivalries in WWE, culminating in Rock’s victory over John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX in 2013. Now that Black Adam and Peacemaker have introduced both wrestlers to the DC Extended Universe, there’s a lot of potential for a super-powered rematch.

It would be very interesting to see how John Cena’s Peacemaker is trying his best in the David vs Goliath vs Black Adam of the Rock battle, but such a fight may seem too strained. Black Adam doesn’t have many reasons to meet the Peacemaker, as the Egyptian champion will probably face a suicide squad or a member of the Justice League before he can meet Christopher Smith. Even if the circumstances were favorable, they would have little time for hand—to—hand combat-the main goal of their hypothetical battle- since the weapons and devices of the Peacemaker helmet could not compare with the godlike forces of Black Adam. One blow from Black Adam is enough to wipe out a strong, but still human Peacemaker from the face of the earth, so the wrestling skills of Scala and John Cena will simply fade into the background.

Instead of fighting, Black Adam and Peacemaker could join forces. This will give them much more opportunities to demonstrate their acting abilities and comedic skills, and the black humor of the Peacemaker may reflect on the serious behavior of Black Adam. The alliance would also give them more time to develop interesting character dynamics, similar to how Peacemaker and Blood Sport developed a friendly rivalry throughout the events of Suicide Squad before their deadly duel. TV series Peacemaker demonstrated Christopher Smith’s strong opinion of superheroes, so Black Adam’s reaction to being stuck with an annoying mortal would have made the moments even more funny. Finally, the joint battles of the Peacemaker and Black Adam can allow both actors to demonstrate respect for each other without the restrictions of the unspoken rules of the ring.

The epic battle between Black Adam from “The Rock” and Peacemaker from John Cena is definitely a sight to behold, but an unlikely friendship could lead to more exciting interactions. These are two incredible antiheroes who now stand at the head of the current version of the DCEU, and both are played by two legendary wrestlers who know something about entertainment. Their crossover may be the birth of a new DCEU duo and the revival of a long-standing rivalry, more convincing than the quick and terrible death of Chris Smith at the hands of Tet-Adam.