The best line of Guardians of the Galaxy perfectly defines them as a team


The iconic Star Lord line from the latest Guardians of the Galaxy series perfectly defines what makes the team so special. Appearing at key points in the narrative, Peter Quill’s phrase “then it’s us”¬†it may seem that she does not embody everything that is necessary for the team spirit, but this is exactly what she achieves.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has earned a reputation as a company that does everything possible to save the universe, despite the fact that they are not always the best prepared for it. However, in the latest series of Al Ewing, Juan Cabal, Juan Frigieri and Federico Blee about the heroes, a quote from Star Lord highlights the team’s disorderly way of thinking. The recurring line confirms that while the Guardians may not be heroes like the Avengers, they are heroes who are willing to give everything when it matters.

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In Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy #11, Peter Quill utters a phrase that eventually becomes the perfect rallying cry for the team. Before the dark Olympians, who threaten to destroy and turn the stars into ashes, the Star Lord is mockingly told that his team is the last obstacle before the distorted gods bring down destruction on the galaxy itself. Zeus imperiously asks if the Star Lord understands what he is saying, to which Peter Quill replies: “You say it’s us… or it’s nobody. Good. Then it’s us.” The Guardians may not be as active in the search for evil as the Avengers, but Star Lord makes it clear that they are people who confront the impossible when no one else can or wants to. When there is no one who can withstand the devastation, the Guardians of the Galaxy are ready and capable.

The quote from the Star Lord will not only be used in the title of the collection “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but will also be spoken again in the series finale. Along with his fellow Guardians teammates, Peter Quill tells them that if anyone deserves a vacation after saving the universe, “it’s us.” Although the phrase “once against” is used in a different context, it highlights the “we are against the whole world” mindset that has made the Guardians such a wonderful but unorthodox super team.

The Guardians do what they do, not because they want to become great heroes or for glory, but because, faced with the suffering of others, they cannot retreat in battle. The group is often portrayed as a team of random loafers, brought together by circumstances, but unable to give up their responsibilities because then others will pay the price. The combination of heroism and tiresome submission in “Then It’s Us” perfectly embodies the idea of a team of people who don’t necessarily want to play heroes, but understand that they are best equipped to do so against certain threats. Compared to the pompous, authoritative nature of the Avengers, it’s a down-to-earth idea of heroism that resonates with who the Guardians of the Galaxy are led by a Star Lord, and with the challenges real people are likely to face in their lives. their own lives.