The Best League of Legends Streamers on Twitch


Since League of Legends is one of the most popular games on Twitch, fans can feel overwhelmed while browsing the huge list of channels. Fortunately, League of Legends has also been around since the early days of Twitch, and many of the characters that still broadcast the game have been around for many years. Not only that, but many of the best players in League of Legends eSports tournaments have taken to Twitch to showcase their talents.

Whether viewers are looking for a streamer who explores the deep knowledge of League of Legends, someone who focuses mainly on entertainment without taking themselves too seriously, or someone who is a professional player at the top of their game, they can find him on Twitch. .

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Being able to watch Faker on Twitch is a bit like being able to watch Michael Jordan train. At the moment, Faker should undoubtedly be considered the best player in League of Legends of all time, but if this title is still being discussed, he should at least be considered the greatest mider of all time. Each Faker stream on Twitch is, in fact, a master class on the champion for whom he plays. If fans want to learn how to play for Yasuo, Zed, Orianna, or almost any character in the middle line, there is no better place than stream Faker.

The only serious drawback for North American fans of the Faker channel is that it is broadcast in Korean, but you can still learn more just by watching Faker play than almost any other streamer who gives comments in English. However, as the face of T1’s League of Legends team, his broadcasts are always exceptionally high quality, and most of his streams are later uploaded to YouTube with hilarious editing and English subtitles.


Brox is the definition of calmness, composure and composure. He spends most of his matches on Twitch talking about his decisions, playing some of the most difficult characters in League of Legends, which means that viewers will have a lot to learn during any of his broadcasts. Just a couple of years ago, Brox was on par with the best in the world in his position — forester — when Fnatic performed at the League of Legends World Championship 2018.

While he can often be found playing for explosive damage mages such as Elisa, Gragas and the like, he is also a truly destructive Lee Xing player. Despite this, Brox is a rarity who keeps his cool playing in the most thoroughly studied position in League of Legends, and potential foresters can learn from his tilt—resistant mentality. Since he gives useful comments about all the players, his team and the opponent, Broxah is perhaps the best stream for a broader understanding of League of Legends.


For viewers looking for a more laid-back, relaxed League of Legends streamer, there are few better places to stay than the Shugiishugii stream. She may not be able to boast the professional awards of the two aforementioned streamers, but her skills still helped her go all the way from gold to the rank of “Master” on the top band, mainly using champions such as Kled, Irelia and other dive-bombers.

Although Shugiishugii’s gameplay may not provide the same understanding of mechanics as Faker or Broxah, her streams boast more interesting gameplay, her skills are closer to the average player, and her persistence in the rating ladder is familiar to almost everyone. Unlike the bigger names, Shugiishugii prioritizes communicating with his fans. With her unwavering focus on climbing the ranking ladder, Shugiishugii is gradually taking her place as one of the best female streamers of League of Legends.

League of Legends is already available for PC.


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