The best leaders the show could show during its broadcast


Jaha, Abby, and Kane were seen as leaders of The 100’s Ark, and their choices influenced Clarke and Bellamy to determine that every life mattered. On the ground, Kane, Abby and Jaha also changed, it is full of leaders but few were memorable.

Marcus kane

Marcus Kane does not win this title for his first actions in The 100. He wins it for becoming a diplomat man. Kane’s most important wish is peace between his people and the Grounders.

Kane understands that sometimes sacrificing your humanity means surviving, but they will find their humanity again. Kane from The 100 has an influence on his people, which is noticeable during his time in the bunker.

Octavia blake

Octavia Blake doesn’t earn a great leader because of her actions as Blodreina from The 100. Instead, she decided to allow a hundred members of each clan space in the bunker. Years later, Octavia wins the title for being the reason humanity transcends.

The Being of Light was going to kill all of humanity, but after Octavia convinced everyone to put down their weapons and stop fighting, it proved that humanity was changing. Octavia’s journey allowed for natural leadership to emerge from her on The 100.

Clarke griffin

Clarke Griffin didn’t always make the best decision, but she was always willing to do whatever it took. Clarke is one of the most devoted characters on The 100 show, who is occasionally forgotten.

The 100’s Clarke is willing to do anything to ensure the safety of her people, even briefly agreeing to have Josephine take full control of her body.

Clarke sacrifices herself to give Emori his helmet and a better chance of surviving the radiation. Clarke climbs to the top of the satellite tower to light the Ring. Almost all of the impossible decisions of The 100 fall on Clarke’s shoulders.


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