The best laptop deals on Black Friday: What to expect


Buying a new laptop during the holidays seems almost a tradition for some. Take a good deal, hopefully get something that won’t blow up in two years. At some point, it’s basically part of nature.

So, aside from our best laptop deals, cheap laptop guides, and the best gaming laptops in general, what do we recommend in 2022? Maybe you’re going back to college and you need something cheap?

Discounts on gaming laptop on Black Friday

There are so many gaming laptops these days that you can be sure that almost every store on the planet will lower prices. As we’ve seen throughout the year, gaming laptops cost around $1,000 when they’re at their lowest. Some budget options containing the 3050 Ti and probably the latest generation Intel i5 or AMD chip are still an incredibly decent choice.

However, don’t expect the Blade 15 to drop in price too much, as the $3,200 price could reach a maximum of $2,800. As for Asus, Acer and MSI? We fully expect to see deeper discounts in this regard, with some even dropping below $1,000 just on a random weekend.

The best laptops for school and college that you can buy at a discount

Education is a top priority when it comes to laptops for Black Friday. The need for a new car could only arise when you return home for the holiday season. So don’t be upset if you didn’t follow any of our tips in our original article, because this is your second chance at redemption.

When choosing something to go back to school, you’ll want to take something that will last your entire college, university, or high school education. The fact is that replacing in the middle of the year or in between can be a problem, and you absolutely do not want to risk losing your job due to a faulty machine.

Chromebook Laptop with Black Friday Discounts

With the development of streaming games, Android apps embedded in the OS, etc., Chromebooks have become pretty decent. While we would probably recommend something like the recently announced version of the Chromebook Framework, we can’t expect something so new and niche to go on sale so soon.

However, Asus, Google and Acer are likely to get huge discounts, as budget laptops will no doubt go on sale this Black Friday. As for other brands like HP, we also expect this, however, we will definitely choose the best of the lot instead of the $199 nightmares you may encounter.

Black Friday Macbook Discounts

A reliable Macbook, one of our favorites that we recommend in 2022, as the last few iterations since the M1 chip appeared on our doorstep are recommended. While the M2 will roll out slowly until 2023, we expect the M1 versions for the Macbook Air and Pro to get pretty good discounts.

The M2 Pro and M2 Max are apparently slated for release later this year, so the $200 to $400 prices we’ve seen on the 14-inch Macbook Pro and 16-inch variants should become much more common as Black Friday approaches. On Black Friday itself, it’s probably best to keep an eye on your Macbooks on Amazon, Best Buy and B&H, as these are the three places where we’ve regularly seen Apple laptop prices drop since the beginning of the year.


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