The best improvised scenes from the “Big Bang Theory” are collected in the Supercut video


The new video contains all the best unscripted moments from the “Big Bang Theory”. The nerd-oriented CBS sitcom debuted in 2007 and became the network’s No. 1 comedy for many years. He talked about the life of a gang from Pasadena, most of whom are intellectually gifted social outcasts.

Despite the steady popularity of the “Big Bang Theory”, the series ended in 2019 after 12 seasons. While the rest of the cast was still ready to return and CBS was more than happy to extend, the decision ultimately came down to Jim Parsons no longer wanting to continue after the approved year. Instead of forcing the case and moving forward with the rest of the actors, everyone decided that it would be better to close the series altogether. It’s been more than three years since “The Big Bang Theory” completed its successful run on the small screen, but it remains popular due to its availability in streaming, not to mention reruns on television. His legacy also continues thanks to his only spin-off, “Young Sheldon.”

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For those who miss Sheldon and his buddies, Warner Bros. TV offers a new video that lists all the best unscripted moments of the sitcom that were saved in the series. The collection includes scenes from different seasons and includes many characters, including minor ones such as Wil Wheaton and Stewart. Then, of course, the main gang of Pasadena contributed to this clip The Big Bang Theory.

All variants of the video are certainly interesting. Stewart muttering that he loves Penny has actually even been adapted to become a full-fledged storyline. At some point, the comic book store owner and the future Mrs. Hofstadter went on a date that confused almost everyone. Meanwhile, Wheaton’s moment was a great way to incorporate Star Trek into the Big Bang Theory, especially during a Star Wars-centric episode. Despite their conflict and rivalry in the nerd-oriented stickcom, Sheldon was initially a fan of Wesley Crusher, as seen in “Young Sheldon”. However, perhaps the best option is how Penny gets emotional. Kaley Cuoco said how special the Big Bang Theory was to her, as her father was present at every taping of the sitcom.

“The Big Bang Theory” will still be readily available through streaming services and syndicates, so there’s a chance that Warner Bros. TV will continue to release new content to attract viewers like this. While this may be helpful for new fans who discover the show after it’s over, it’s also important for longtime followers who continue to miss the Pasadena gang. Despite the fact that the 6th season of “Young Sheldon” was widely recognized even before the premiere, its parent series remains unsurpassed in terms of popularity, and sometimes the public just wants Sheldon and his adult friends to see more.