The best images to post on WhatsApp and social networks


And today is Christmas Eve and nothing better than celebrating with many messages with the most incredible on the internet: GIFs. These animated images have already won the hearts of many people, so now learn where to find the best images to send on WhatsApp and social networks this Christmas 2020!

Starting with two sites where you can find many GIFs: and GIPHY. With them, you can find from simple, most popular GIFs and even some more elaborate ones that are perfect for celebrating Christmas and New Year. To use the image, just tap the share button or simply tap and hold on the image and go to “Share image” in your browser and choose the desired social network.

In addition, some networks such as Facebook have integrations with GIPHY, to do that just start writing a publication and drag the list of items you want to add upwards, the GIF option will appear as in the image below. Tap on it and search for “Christmas” or “New Year” to see related GIFs.

Also, let’s not forget that Facebook updated the avatars with festive themes for you to use within the social network. To create a publication with an avatar, simply select one of the custom backgrounds below the text field.

Let’s not forget that avatars can already be used in comments in the same way as GIFs.


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