The best historical documentaries to watch on Netflix


Increasingly, streaming services show us that they are capable of bringing many facilities to our daily lives. It has never been easier to have so much content at our disposal to be consumed whenever we want.

In this sense, audiovisual, as art, has always played a crucial formative role in people’s lives. Learning history through films, series and documentaries can be a beautiful way to delve into sensitive subjects with great emotion and interest.

In this list, we will see some of the main historical documentaries that are available on Netflix and that, in some way, address relevant issues of world history.

Axé: People’s Corner of a Place

Directed by filmmaker Chico Kertész, the film discusses the history of one of the most popular musical genres in Bahia: axé. Big names in Brazilian music, like Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, get together to give their vision about the rhythm and also tell about all the syncretic influences that the music had in its construction.

The relationship between axé and Bahian culture is also evidenced by several images from archives that seek to investigate the origins of the birth of this interesting genre.

Who killed Malcolm X?

African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X was killed in February 1965. Three men were arrested for the murder, but only one admits to taking part in the action. Thus, the uncertainty surrounding what happened only makes people more and more distressed.

In this documentary, the viewer accompanies activist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad as he works to find the real killers and uncover all the hidden truth about the case.

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