The best GIF apps for iOS and Android


There are various applications for GIFs, which are the most preferred in online messaging. Make any GIF you want with the best gif apps.


Online messaging has become a situation that is accepted all over the world and has become a part of the daily life of millions of people. In order to make messaging more enjoyable, many people prefer to use GIFs recently. You can add color to your chats by making your choice among the best GIF applications.

GIF is the name given to the application that creates a fun effect as a result of combining and playing different picture frames. It can be among the indispensables of people who are active in social media and love messaging. We have searched for you the best gif applications that can be used for both Android and iOS.

GIF Maker

It offers unique experiences for those who want to create their own GIFs. With the GIF Maker application, GIFs can be created within a video, as well as entertaining GIFs from still images. Images can also be created with frames taken from the GIF.

GIF Maker, which is among the best GIF applications, also offers editing. It offers possibilities such as limiting GIF duration, cutting videos quickly, adjusting color settings and speed control.

GIF Studio

You can add new filters within the application, which offers much more than a GIF application. Multiple GIFs can be edited in a single animation within the application and combined at the same time.

The most popular aspect of the application is that it is easy to use. It seems designed to make editing easier. Although it is a free application, all income is made through advertisements. It ranks first among the best gif apps.

GIF Toaster

All videos, photos and burst photos can be turned into GIFs without any problems. With the Gif Toaster application, operations can be done through a classic editing panel.

A little different from other applications, it also offers the possibility to create photo collages. Although there is a Pro version for additional features, both versions can be used free of charge in this process.


Known as the social platform of its time, Tumblr also offers various opportunities for artwork and GIFs. The fact that it is both easy to use and a free application makes it one of the most preferred applications.

Using a simple GIF program is preferred by people who don’t want to do a lot of detail work. There is also the ability to embed text on GIFs.


GIFs can be created quickly and easily from photos and videos. Design elements with many varieties are included. Moving and static stickers can be prepared.

All versions offered with the app are free. It can be said that it is one of the best gif applications to get special designs. Additional features are charged for.


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