The best games on Xbox Game Pass (August 2022)


Microsoft’s Game Pass service fully justifies the cost of an entrance ticket. Many may disagree with the concept that their video game library will be blocked for a subscription service, but the fact is that subscribers get access to an incredible selection of games, from indie favorites to AAA blockbusters, for a surprisingly affordable monthly fee.

With such a dizzying array of fantasy games, it can be challenging to decide which ones are worth the player’s time. Given that the cost of entry is covered by the subscription fee, the most urgent issue is to determine the best use of hard disk space. Fortunately, the diamonds of this collection immediately catch the eye. Here are the best games that Xbox Game Pass offers.

The options listed here will include games available on EA Play, which is included in the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Halo: The Collection of the Master Chief

Approximate duration of the game N/A Genre First-person Shooter Developer 343 Industries X|S Enhanced Yes File size 115 GB (May 2022)

The adventures of Master Chief have never been as accessible as in the Master Chief collection. This selection of Halo games is an exhaustive collection of 343 Industries’ efforts to perpetuate the series. It includes not only all the major Halo games (not counting Halo 5: Guardians), but also the fantastic Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach. From your favorite co—op campaign to thrilling shootouts and iconic multiplayer modes, the Master Chief collection has it all. Anyone who considers themselves a fan of Halo should consider it a must-have game from the Xbox Game Pass. And for those who have never been through the Master Chief saga, there is no better way to end the fight.

Campus of two points

Few control simulators approach the breadth of freedom and construction options offered in EA’s The Sims series. However, Two Point Hospital and the later Two Point Campus are serious rivals. The developers of Two Point Studios have created one of the most engaging (and fascinating) control simulators currently available with the release of Two Point Campus, and its first-day launch status in Xbox Game Pass only sweetens it. deal.

Manage the school of your choice by diving into budgets, organizing extracurricular activities, and supervising tuition. You can create one of the best educational institutions the world has ever seen, or you can succumb to chaos and create an educational institution focused on fun, laziness or medieval madness. Your choice!

Cooking Simulator

Approximate duration of the game is 10 hours Genre Cooking Simulation Developer Big Cheese Studio, GameBoom VR, Forever Entertainment S.A. X|S Enhanced No File size 8 GB (August 2022)

Although many may consider the simulator genre something of a joke, it’s amazing how phenomenal many of them turned out to be. The Farming Simulator series has become a collection of first-class simulation games, which were even followed by a small part of esports. At the moment, the madness of Goat Simulator has become legendary. And who can forget the pure, satisfying awesomeness of PowerWash Simulator (also in Xbox Game Pass).

Cooking Simulator continues this wonderful tradition, transferring the stresses and joys of working in the kitchen into an exciting simulator game. Follow along with various recipes and keep your establishment in excellent working order as the game progresses. Cooking Simulator does not violate any boundaries, but it is a worthy addition to the Xbox Game Pass library.

watchdogs 2

Watch Dogs came out with mediocre results, but its continuation improved the mechanics of the first part so much that it became much better. Watch Dogs 2, now available on Xbox Game Pass, is a hilarious “hacker” sandbox in which you can wreak havoc in a slightly futuristic San Francisco as part of an activist group known as DedSec. Although the game tries to solve several serious issues regarding technological surveillance and privacy, that’s not why you shouldn’t play it. When Watch Dogs 2 is at its best, you cause massive chaos to achieve your goals and bring it to perfection. Abandoning the dark tone of the first game was the best the series could do, and while there are still a few issues in the narrative of Watch Dogs 2, it’s still a fun time.

Risky Dungeons

Approximate duration of the game 15 hours Genre Deckbuilder Roguelike Developer Terry Cavanagh X|S Enhanced Yes File size 905 MB (August 2022)


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