The best games of August for iOS and Android phones


A selection of essential video games launched this August 2020 in the App Store and Google Play that you cannot miss on your smartphone or tablet.

We come to the end of this month of August and with it a new selection of video games for mobiles and tablets that cannot be missing on your iOS and Android devices. And it is that after a few months full of news of interest in the mobile market, we once again recover the most recommended titles that have appeared in recent weeks, from F2P games to ports of other platforms that find in smartphones a new opportunity to reach an audience broader, in addition to titles developed exclusively for these platforms. Below we offer you a selection of the best iOS and Android games of this month of August 2020, titles that we can obtain both in Google Play and in the App Store, as well as a selection of games from Apple Arcade, the video game service to the letter from the Cupertino giant.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Developer: Mathew Purchase
  • Price: 6.99 euros

We start our selection with an amazing space shooter in which we pilot our own ship through the most dangerous galactic battlefields. And it is that Interloper allows great mobility, through which we can move in any direction and face the combats in the way we want, all through a touch interface that comes to surprise by its instant response, also compatible with MFi physical controls. The title proposes fast and very dynamic missions that do not give us a second of respite, in addition to a great customization of the ship and its weapons; an absolute audiovisual festival that we cannot fail to recommend.

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