The best games for Nintendo Switch in June 2022


June 2022, usually replete with announcements of new games instead of releases of new games, is an anomaly for Nintendo Switch owners. This month has everything from its own releases of major franchises, major third-party releases and even DLC packages for Switch fans who want to expand their enjoyment of popular games on the platform. There should be something for everyone coming to Switch this June.

However, June 2022 is just the beginning of a busy summer for Nintendo. In July, Nintendo’s month is headlined by the latest entry in the popular Xenoblade saga, Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This happened after Xenoblade 3 swapped places with the release dates of Splatoon 3, which now comes out in September. Other games, such as the recently localized Japanese role-playing game Live A Live, developed by Square Enix, will make July another exciting month for Switch owners.

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However, there are a lot of games in June that can please Switch owners. Major releases, new remasters and small indies will all bring great games to Switch this June. From Mario Strikers: Battle League to Omori, here are some of the best games that Switch owners can expect in June.

Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released on June 10 for Switch

The sequel to Mario Strikers: Battle League, which was created for fifteen years, is released on Switch on June 10. Recently, the game passed an online stress test “First Strike”, which was met positively, and Battle League looks like it will be published. -launch support as well. Post-launch support will most likely consist primarily in increasing the list of playable characters, which currently stands at ten and does not include such fan favorites as Princess Daisy. If the online servers remain active, Mario Strikers: Battle League will be a great addition to the library of any Switch owner.

The release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will take place on June 24

On June 24, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be continued as the successor to Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. While it most likely won’t be a game on every Switch owner’s list, any fan of Fire Emblem or Warriors games will probably be happy with this game. Three Hopes also follows Age of Calamity, the second game in the Warriors series based on the Nintendo franchise, which is based on a specific game rather than a series. As long as Koei Tecmo applies what worked in Age of Calamity to Three Hopes, the game should be a fun adventure in Fodlan.

New DLC packs for Switch games such as Cuphead will be released in June 2022

Within a month, some big names and smaller gems will also receive paid extensions. One of these games is OlliOlli World, a small indie skateboarding game that has received positive reviews. An add-on called VOID Riders offers players new locations and new story content. The first expansion of OlliOlli World, VOID Riders, is released on June 15 and is only available as one part of the two-part OlliOlli World expansion pass, priced at $14.99.

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Then for Monster Hunter Rise comes the first major addition, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which adds new mechanics, monsters and locations to the game. It also includes completing Master-rank quests to climb, allowing players to kill some of the strongest monsters in the game to earn the privilege of becoming a Master-rank hunter. Given the looming threat of the vampire dragon Lunagaron, Sunbreak will be a challenge for any player playing Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is released on June 30 at a price of $39.99.

And finally, the long-awaited Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will also be available on June 30. The expansion will bring new boss fights, Run and Shoot levels, and even a new playable character, Miss Chalice. The Delicious Last Course is an add–on that has been under development for four years, which was first announced in June 2018. Since then, Cuphead has reached out to more platforms and acquired its own TV show. He even has a new board game Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice. Although no final price has been announced so far, since the base game costs $19.99, players can probably expect to pay around $10-15 for Cuphead.: The Delicious Last Course.