The best games for iOS and Android smartphones


A selection of essential video games launched this January 2021 in the App Store and Google Play that you cannot miss on your smartphone or tablet.

We are starting a new year in the mobile gaming ecosystem after a 2020 full of great games for both iOS and Android. And it is that the video game industry for smartphones is going through a great state of form, with a great variety of apps that appear month after month aimed at all kinds of public. From new full-price titles to ports of other platforms and the past that find in the App Store and Google Play a new opportunity to reach a much wider audience, not without overlooking F2P games that contain hours and hours of fun at cost zero, although always with the option of micropayments on the horizon. Do not miss our selection of the best iOS and Android games of this month of January 2021, titles that we can obtain both in Google Play and in the App Store, as well as offering you a look at the most recommended news from Apple Arcade, the service video game on demand from Apple for iPhone.

Neon Beats

Platform: iOS (also on PC)
Developer: OKYO Games
Price: 3.49 euros

Born from a student project in 2018, the arcade platform with rhythmic movements and minimalist 2D aesthetics now makes the leap to iOS devices with its best and most complete version (includes the DLC “A Beat Further”), ideal for taking advantage of the tactile benefits iPhone and iPad. It is a challenging and frantic game that encourages us to break our own records based on time, collectibles and deaths, all through 4 worlds with their own catchy music that will keep us glued to our mobile or tablet until we achieve 100% , a challenge reserved only for the most skilled at touch controls.

Picnic Penguin

Platform: iOS and Android
Price: Free
And we go from a game that will challenge our reflexes to another relaxing and carefree in which we feed a cute pixelated penguin. And it is that as its title indicates, we will face endless small puzzles in the form of pixel-retro style levels in which, thanks to the tactile sliding of elements, we will have to open the way to our beloved protagonist. Not in vain, he opts for a simple but addictive game formula with tons of puzzles to solve, pixel art graphics combined with other low poly 3D and old school arcade music. And despite the micropayments, he lets himself play more than well without spending a penny; a very interesting option for those looking for puzzles for quick games.

The Pillar

Platform: iOS (also on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch)
Developer: Paper Bunker
Price: 5.49 euros
If you liked the great The Witness, now we have the opportunity to enjoy a similar concept in the palm of our hand with a title that, although not as ambitious as Jonathan Blow’s imaginative game, does offer a series of puzzles and Logic challenges that will represent the ideal excuse to avoid us for a long time, wherever we are. All this presented in the first person through a contemplative adventure on a dream island where we will have to solve dozens of mysteries in the purest “escape room” style.


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