The Best Games For iOS And Android Smartphones Of September 2021


Games: A selection of essential video games launched this September 2021 in the App Store and Google Play that you cannot miss on your smartphone or tablet. We close a new month of video game launches for iOS and Android mobiles with the most outstanding titles of the last four weeks. A month of September with new more than interesting apps, both new games specially created for smartphones and tablets and ports of other platforms that find a new opportunity in the tactile landscape to reach a much wider audience. Do not miss the best iOS and Android games of a month of September 2021 full of news, in addition to offering a look at the new releases of Apple Arcade, the apple’s a la carte games service that this time bets on the return of quality games with a highly anticipated exclusive.

KonMari Spark Joy!

Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Akatsuki
Price: 4.49 euros

This time we start with a puzzle title that will draw lovers of order and cleanliness. Based on the work of Marie Kondo, a specialist in housekeeping and author of the famous KonMari method, we will have to solve a multitude of logic puzzles on our journey through a dream world. So much so, that we will have to help a young girl to face her problems, listening to her voice inside her and finding what is truly important in her life. Enchantingly staged (both graphically and soundly), it’s an age-appropriate game, with puzzles in which you slide geometric cubes so that everything fits together.


Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Ammil
Price: 1.99 euros

This little standalone game can be thought of as the three-dimensional Monument Valley. And it is that it takes many of the characteristics of the successful perspective-based puzzle franchise to offer its own game formula with mechanics based on the different views that we can obtain from the scenario. A pleasant and sober setting, entertaining gameplay and endless challenges await us in this intimate journey of Relu, a young woman who finds herself trapped in a universe as mysterious as it is fantastic.


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