The best games for iOS and Android smartphones of July


A selection of essential video games released this July 2020 on the App Store and Google Play that cannot be missing on your smartphone or tablet.

One more month we bring you a selection of mobile video games launched during this month of July 2020 that cannot be missing from your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, a market that is still in great shape with numerous launches of both free to play apps and games at full price, in addition to ports from other platforms such as PCs and consoles, which find in the App Store and Google Play a new opportunity to reach an even broader audience, in many occasions, through more than interesting tactile adaptations. Let’s see what the mobile market has left us in recent weeks at the level of new launches; Don’t miss our selection of essentials on both iOS and Android from July 2020.

One Finger Death Punch 2

Platform: iOS
Developer: Doublethink Games
Price: 2.29 euros

We start our selection with a classic arcade video game that makes the leap from PCs and consoles to Apple devices with, surely, its most attractive and cheapest version. And it is that for just over 2 euros we can get a whole beat’em up that finds its best ally in tactile gameplay. So much so, that with simple swipes of the finger on the screen of our iPhone or iPad we will be able to dispatch countless enemies, all this through endless choreographies in the purest style of martial art cinema. A show of artifices through an artistic design as minimalist as it is striking and colorful.

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Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Price: Free

In an unprecedented move in the saga, Paradox Interactive brings its own version of Stellaris to mobile with Galaxy Command, a free to play video game that brings together the best of 4X strategy to offer galactic real-time battles between players around the world. And it is that this new app for iOS and Android devices is based on the popular PC game, although it is conveniently adapted to the game on smartphones, both in its tactile gameplay and in its development. Cooperate with other players, occupy galaxies, declare wars or negotiate surrender; And it is that the United Nations of Earth needs your help to rebuild a galactic civilization that has fallen before an implacable interdimensional invasion.

Los mejores juegos para smartphones iOS y Android de julio de 2020

Battle legion

Platform: iOS and Android
Developer: Traplight
Price: Free

A new free-to-play phenomenon arrives with Battle Legion, the umpteenth simulation, strategy and massive battles game that, however, has managed to find a place among fans of this type of title. And it offers everything you would expect from a game of such characteristics with fast fights of just 20 seconds, the possibility of planning your own army and that your units fight for themselves, a total configuration of units, battlefield and banner and even massive 100v100 battles against other players. All this through a season system that adds new challenges and rewards on an ongoing basis.


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