The best free TV shows online and where to watch them


So let’s say you decided to cut the cord and rely on digital streaming services like Netflix or Hulu to watch your favorite series, but realized that even this option is not so cheap. Don’t be afraid, because there are actually several streaming services, such as Tubi, Peacock and many others, with which you can legally watch free TV shows online.

The number of modern favorites and cult classics to choose from is quite amazing, and since the service costs nothing, there are ad breaks in every episode from time to time for this classic TV-watching experience. To help narrow down the search area, we spent time researching these services and found some of these series that they can offer you as a recommendation.

Millionaire Bruce Wayne (Adam West) and his young ward Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) help Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton) defend Gotham City from a host of notorious criminals, each of whom boasts a bizarre, unique trick. While Batman has taken on a much darker final tone in recent years, the 1960s Batman series still remains a warm (and funny) memory for Dark Knight fans for its deliciously cheesy dialogue, iconic mannered combat choreography, and West’s immortal portrayal. DC “Bright Knight”.

A cynical, disgruntled doctor (Emmy Award nominee Hugh Laurie) is often confronted by his top-notch team of medical diagnosticians as they struggle to help their patients identify their mysterious ailments. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the creator of “The House of David Shore” is one of the most exciting medical dramas of its time, because the very question of what the guest stars of each episode suffer from is the story of the week.

A chronicle of the trials and tribulations of the employees of the second most popular news radio station in New York. “News Radio,” featuring such late SNL alumni as Phil Hartman and Dave Foley, is one of the funniest sitcoms of the 90s and, not to mention, one of the most underrated comedies of that era.

After his job mysteriously stops and he suddenly finds himself stranded in Miami, a former secret agent (Jeffrey Donovan) uses his initial skill set to make a living as a private investigator with the help of his ex-girlfriend (Gabrielle Anwar), a former military intelligence agent (Bruce Campbell) and, occasionally, his own mother (Sharon Gless). Also one of the best television works by Bruce Campbell, “Notice of Burning” by creator Matt Nicks is all the most interesting from the James Bond movie that never left the Sunshine State, and one of the most popular TV series ever broadcast in the USA.

A gifted FBI specialist (Hugh Dancy) seeks help from a well-known forensic psychologist (Mads Mikkelsen) — both for help in his investigations and for his own mental health — unaware that the doctor has his own dark secret. Inspired by the chilling novels of Thomas Harris, creator Brian Fuller’s “Hannibal” has become a crime drama classic (and one of the best series broadcast on Plex) thanks to its breathtaking visual style and unabashedly disturbing tone.

A recently jilted aspiring comic book illustrator (Simon Pegg in his star role) and a quirky woman in a long-distance relationship (Jessica Hines) pretend to be a couple in order to rent an affordable apartment in London. Despite the seemingly typical sitcom setting, the famous British imported film Spaced is full of originality, partly thanks to the dazzling visual style of director Edgar Wright.

The main writer of the comedy series (creator Tina Fey) often encounters his domineering new boss (Emmy Award winner Alec Baldwin) and the unpredictably exuberant new star of the series (Tracy Morgan). Irreverently witty, beautifully played and brilliantly played, the Studio 30 series is one of the sharpest media satires on television and one of the best shows broadcast on Peacock for free (except for season 2).

A doctor (Martin Freeman), still recovering from serving in the Afghan War, rents an apartment with an arrogant private detective (Benedict Cumberbatch), whom he accompanies in various mysteries burdening London. Created by one of the developers Steven Moffat (who also revived Doctor Who in 2005), “Sherlock” is a witty, consistently exciting, modernized retelling of the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


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