The best free Nintendo Switch games of 2021


We update the selection of free games to download on the Nintendo Switch eShop, such as Rocket League, Ninjala, Pokémon Café, Fortnite, Warframe …

If you have entered this article it is surely for two reasons: the first, that you have a Nintendo Switch or are planning to get one soon; the second is that you want to play quality video games for free. You have come to the right place, we assure you. At MeriStation, we want you to be able to access a catalog as extensive as possible without going through the box (as we have already done with PC and PlayStation 4), without necessarily resorting to those other great titles of, in this case, the Nintendo hybrid.

In this list you will find titles of many types. Some of them are multiplayer, such as Dauntless, Fornite, Rocket League, Warframe or Realm Royale; Others are designed so that you, alone, can enjoy free experiences that in many cases have little to envy of the games we see in stores; to highlight, Fallout Shelter or Asphalt 9: Legends.

Of course, the nuance of “free game” is full of meanings and nuances in the current video game industry. The developers do not earn money from the air, unfortunately, but they look for ways of monetization and amortization of these productions in ways where we end up winning all: they win because they facilitate access to everyone; and the player wins by being able to measure how much he spends and what he wants to do it on as long as we stick to the free to play business model, free games with integrated purchases. [UPDATED: January 2021]

The best free games for Nintendo Switch: popularity and quality
With all said, we are going to review in this report the best free video games for Nintendo Switch in 2020, which we will update as we can add more games; Either because Nintendo Switch Online has given more gifts to its subscribers or because other publishers have joined it.


A true multiplayer phenomenon. As if it were a Destiny, the game invites you to discover a world full of activities, customization and action in a ruined solar system. The Origin System, Tenno, awaits players with a community that already has millions of players, a title that has been reinvented to the point of not requiring payment at all to enjoy a complete experience.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

It is already one of the greatest video game industry phenomena of all time. It needs no introduction: it is the battle royale of fashion. The Epic Games game offers its star mode at no cost; In addition, all micropayments are for the battle pass or to get skins. Tens (hundreds) of hours ahead in a title that has no end.

Super Kirby Clash

It’s not Super Smash Bros., but it feels like one. Nintendo’s Pink Ball Brawler is free and has a very simple premise: date your cake. Do it alone or accompanied by a multitude of characters, tools such as swords, hammers, magic or lightning … Of course, as in many other online Nintendo games, it is necessary to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online if we want to make use of the online multiplayer mode.


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