The best free games on PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox One


Complete guide with the best free and offer games on PC, Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One to play during the weekend of July 24 to July.

In these lines, we will try to guide you through some of the best free or discount game alternatives available right now, at the same time that we also invite you to review our reports dedicated to the most relevant permanent free games on the different platforms.

You already have available the new games that the Epic Games Store gives us every week.

Epic Games Store, gives us this week two new titles, first of all we have Tacoma, a walking simulator set in an abandoned space station. Our mission will be to investigate what happened and solve all the mysteries of this terrible catastrophe.

Next Up Hero
The other game this month is Next Up Hero, a fun dungeon game where our characters are hand drawn.

Free and discount PC games on Steam

The computer and its powerful digital market is where the greatest number of possibilities are concentrated to play for free or very cheap if you pay attention to the various temporary offers. The first mandatory stop would be Steam, where there are various fronts from which to get entertainment, be it discounted games, free, free for a limited time (usually weekends) or paid games that are temporarily free of charge forever. So you always have to be vigilant to fatten our bookstore and have more alternative

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
Throughout the weekend we can play Civilization VI, a new installment in the strategy game saga created by Sid Meier, for free. This new title comes loaded with new features such as expansive empires, active research, and new multiplayer modes. Also, if you want to get the full game, you will have it at a 75% discount.


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