The best free games for PC, Steam and more of 2021


Free games: We tell you which are the best free games for PC, Steam, Epic Games Store and much more of 2021. Titles like Fortnite, Destiny 2, Paladins and more. You may have seen this report on the Meristation pages and have been encouraged to enter, but most likely you are here because one idle afternoon you have searched your favorite search engine for “free games” and (with a little luck) you have landed here . In any case, apart from welcoming you, we want to offer you something a bit different. Almost all magazines have texts dedicated to this topic (we have published several here over the years), it is something popular that always arouses the interest and curiosity of a wide range of veteran and new players. But most reports of this type are limited to releasing a more or less long stream of names with a description, and that’s it. Without detracting from the work these pieces carry and their usefulness to thousands of readers, we want to do something different here.

We will give some proper names, yes, but in addition to that we will explain the different alternatives that the PC player has to play for free, the places of reference, the differences between the paid models and, in short, we will not only leave a list of names, we are also going to “teach how to fish”, leaving the means for the reader to start their own search for free games and find what they are looking for, as the alternatives are many and go beyond Fortnite, League of Legends, or DOTA on duty.


“Free” does not mean the same everywhere

For those who are brand new and unfamiliar with this topic, some basic notions. The first thing is that, yes, with a computer you can play thousands of games completely free (legally). But there are different types of “free” that could be classified by their English name: “Free to Play”, “Pay What You Want” and “Free”. The “Free to Play” or “F2P” are games that you can play for free, but that have payment options, either to access certain content, to unlock characters or skins, or to progress faster, depending on of the game and its model, which is something that must be investigated well before investing a lot of time in it. The “Pay What You Want” are titles with voluntary payment, generally indie and experimental, made by developers who are learning, experimenting or who simply wanted to embark on a small and fast project, without all the baggage that comes to market ; They are completely free but, optionally, if you are very satisfied with the experience or just think they deserve it, you can leave them a tip for the work done. In the third category are the “free” or freeware games, free games without more, which can be titles that their creators have left for free for any reason – search for notoriety for future projects, love of art … – or games that were of payment in the past but that now their managers leave as free when understanding that their commercial cycle has ended.


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