The best free and discounted games for PC, PS4


A review of the best offers and alternatives that you can find this weekend in case you want something new to try on your favorite machine.

Bridge weekend for many and therefore three days to enjoy the video game and escape somewhat from the problems of the world. We review some of the most attractive offers available for these days.

Free game Epic Store

This week we will have a couple of free games from the Epic Store. On the one hand, we have Abzu, a beautiful and contemplative underwater exploration game directed by Matt Nava, who rose to fame for the fabulous artistic direction of Journey. For something with more action we will find Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a remarkable multiplayer game set in the iconic war with an approach oriented to realism and current tactical deployment of the players.

Sale on PC Steam

Sonic 2 Free forever and Sega anniversary sale

Sega is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding and is celebrating it with, among other things, some great sales on Steam, led by the possibility of acquiring the great Mega Drive classic, Sonic 2, totally free and forever. The offer will be available until October 19. Along with this gift, we find significant discounts on a large number of products from the Tokyo company: the Mega Drive Bundle, with more than 50 games that marked the trajectory of 16-bit, is reduced by 90% to € 7.66. Company of Heroes 2, a great RTS, is lowered 95%, which leaves it for the ridiculous price of € 1. The Yakuza appear with different sales (and we encourage you to take advantage of Zero, a great gateway to a great saga that will be open for € 4.99).

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Free weekend games: Total War: Warhammer II and Prision Architect

Good two free games brings Steam this weekend of the bridge, ideal to spend many hours and test them intensely. Total War: Warhammer II is an excellent strategy game based on the vast universe of Gaming Workshop, with its orcs, elves, great armies and legendary units that will make every battle a spectacle. Prision Architect is a great management game in which we will build and manage a jail, with all that that implies. Cuomo always, these games have a time limit to be played, then you can decide to buy them at a discounted price (Warhammer II is reduced for the first time by 66%, which leaves it at € 20.39, while Prision Architect is at 4.99 €, which is not his biggest discount.

Saga Bioshock, reduced by 75%

The Irrational trilogy needs little introduction, the original is among one of the best titles in contemporary videogames, a true masterpiece, while the sequel and Infinite are also extraordinary games that deserve to be tested. They are also the remastered versions, so the games look good on current equipment (although their artistic elements are powerful enough to keep them fresh over time.


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