The best family games of 2020 to give at Christmas


We select the most recommended family video games of this 2020 to give at Christmas; choose your favorites from a varied list.

The Christmas holidays of this 2020 are practically here and what better time than to enjoy our hobby, video games, together with our relatives, either in person (always respecting the health recommendations on such important dates) or through online gaming, a more valid option than ever in times of pandemic. And although this year has largely been marked by the arrival of the new generation with PS5 and Xbox Series, we cannot ignore great family-style titles available on all kinds of platforms, from PC to consoles, both past and recent. the new generation. Don’t miss out on our selection of 2020 games especially suitable for family enjoyment.

Among us

We start with one of the sensations of the year, which is none other than the most viral multiplayer game of the year, Among Us. And it is that despite the fact that it is a title that appeared on the market in 2018, it was not until 2020, at the height of confinement, when the popular online game of Innersloth has exploded in streaming and social networks. The reason? Multiplayer games in which the participants, in the shoes of friendly astronauts, must repair their battered ship while trying to unmask the infiltrators, who will try to sabotage and assassinate the rest of the players. A very suitable title for spending great time with your family, playing lively online games with reproaches, accusations, deceptions and much more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We continue with another title that was an entire escape route in times of domestic confinement, one of the firm candidates for Game of the Year. And it is that the new installment of the Nintendo saga for Switch, Animal Crosing New Horizons, has positioned itself as one of the best valued titles of the year and the most complete delivery of such a popular franchise. Not surprisingly, New Horizons opens up new horizons for the player with the possibility of managing and improving their own island, discovering countless elements and little adventures, trading with neighbors and receiving our family and friends through virtual visits through online play . And all this with the usual sense of humor of a multi-million dollar brand in sales and profits.

51 Worldwide Games

Another exclusive Nintendo Switch title that, although something has gone unnoticed this year among so many AAA, it seems like the ideal option to spend great moments with the family. And as its name suggests, the title offers nothing more and nothing less than 51 classic games to be played in company on the same console, taking advantage of the capabilities and advantages of Nintendo’s hybrid device to offer all kinds of recreational experiences, such as dominoes, four in a row, Parcheesi, chess, checkers, backgammon, table football, air hockey and much more games. Up to a total of 51 proposals to spend the most fun parties in the company of your loved ones.


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