The best existing combinations of Pokemon types and which Pokemon have them


The Pokemon franchise has been around for over 26 years, and one of the biggest foundations it’s based on is that every pocket monster in every game has its own type or combination of types. Types are the defining game mechanics for the franchise, because Pokemon battles depend on combinations of types and how they affect each other, much more than on moves or abilities, and even more when it comes to things like stats and the nature of Pokemon. With Gen 6, the franchise expanded the type selection by adding the Fairy type, which was retroactively added to existing critters and quickly became one of the most expensive community types due to how cute Fairy Pokemon tend to be, as well as how strong they are. combat.

With the addition of Fairy, the type chart throughout the Pokemon franchise had to change and be rebalanced, and while some types and combinations of types are still much better than others, various permutations have taken their rightful place over time. Combinations of types are usually classified based on their effectiveness both offensively and defensively, but the discrepancies can be huge due to how less favorable types combine with each other compared to better options.

Poison and Darkness

Pokemon, which are both venomous and dark, are exceptionally good in terms of defense because they are weak only to ground movements, while they receive reduced damage from four types and zero damage from psychic monsters. In attack, Poison and Darkness cover only four types combined, which is comparatively not very good, because super-efficient movements are such an important part of Pokemon battles. Thanks to regional variants and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, this type combination has also received more representations in the series, which is good because the only other Pokemon that use it are all from Generation 4.

Existing Venomous/Dark Pokemon:

Stunky Skuntank Drapion Alolan Grimer Alolan Muk Hisuian Qwilfish Overqwil

Flight and land

Although Flight and Ground are a rare combination of types in the Pokemon series, this combination is especially good due to the fact that ground types are naturally immune to electrical movements, which would be super effective against Flight. On the other hand, flying types are immune to ground movements, which means that this combination of types is hit only by super-effective damage from two types, while it takes no damage from the other two and resists three. As for the attack, it is one of the strongest combos in the series, as it deals super-effective damage to eight different types.

Existing Flying/Ground Pokemon:

Gligar Gliscor Landorus

Error and Steel

Steel-type Pokemon are usually among the best in the franchise due to their incredible defensive abilities, but what makes Beetle and Steel such a powerful combo is that they are weak only to fire moves, while they resist eight types and take no damage from poison. . From a defense point of view, this is one of the best possible scenarios, because in most cases it is safe to switch insect/steel Pokemon, and they can often be left on the battlefield, unless they encounter a very strong fire monster. In attack, they deal super-effective damage to six different types, which is also great.

Existing Insects/Steel Pokemon:

Forretress Scizor Mega Scizor Wormadam Escavalier Genesect Durant

Water and Fairy

Water is arguably one of the best types in the Pokemon franchise due to her innate resistances and weaknesses, as well as her attacking abilities. Similarly, Fairy is almost always considered one of the top three types in the franchise along with Steel and Dragon, which makes Water and Fairy a fantastic couple for any purpose. In attack, water/magic-type Pokemon deal super-effective damage against six types, and in defense they have three weaknesses, six resistances and are immune to dragon-type movements.

Existing Aquatic / Fabulous Pokemon:

Merill Azumarill Primarina Tapu Fini

Water and land

As with water/magic monsters, water/earth is often one of the best combinations of Pokemon types due to the combination of attacking and defensive characteristics, which often go very well with species using this combination. Examples include Gastrodon and Quagsire, both of which have been widely used in official tournaments, such as the recent Pokemon World Championship in London. Water/Earth Pocket Monsters only take super-effective damage from grass attacks, whereas they deal double damage to six types.

Existing Water/Land Pokemon:

Whooper Quagsair Marshtomp Swampert Mega Swampert Barbouch Viskash Palpitoad Seismitoad

Ordinary and Ghost

Although this is a very recent addition to the Pokemon franchise, Normal and Ghost have long been one of the best unused combinations of Pokemon types and are very much in demand.


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