The best drift cars in Forza Horizon 5!


If you like to drift in Forza Horizon 5, you need to determine the best vehicle. We have made a list of these cars.


Forza Horizon 5 has hundreds of activities to complete. One of the most difficult among them is drifting. The reason for this is that the only mechanics are not dependent on velocity and acceleration. Drift is all about good control and mastery of a vehicle’s steering ability on both asphalt and dirt roads. We have compiled the best drift vehicles in Forza Horizon 5 here.

Forza Horizon 5, the best drift cars

There are 20 drift zones in the production. Due to the game’s triple star system, the amount of XP and praise you get for each drift zone depends on how high you score. One-star ratings often offer a low streak for entry. However, if you want to be a three-star in every drift zone, you need a good car.

If you enter Autoshow from any festival site or Player House, you will see more than 500 vehicles in total. Choose to sort the vehicle list by car type by pressing Sort. Then enter the drift cars category.

There are 14 vehicles in the game that are ideal for drifting. The list of them is as follows:

  • 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD
  • 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Drift Truck
  • 1997 Nissan #777 240SX
  • 1989 BMW #98 325I
  • 1965 Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang
  • 1977 Ford F-150 Gymkhana 10 “Hoonitruck”
  • 2018 Ford #88 Mustang RTR
  • 2018 Ford #25 Mustang RTR
  • 2015 Ford #13 Mustang
  • 2016 HSV #530 Maloo Gen-F
  • 2018 Nissan #64 370Z
  • 2013 Chevrolet #777 Corvette
  • 2007 599 #117 GTB Fiorano
  • 2006 Dodge #43 Viper SRT10

All cars in the drift vehicles category vary between 300,000 and 500,000 credits. There isn’t much difference in how much you’ll pay at this point. If you’re still looking for a good vehicle for a lower price, you can invest in the 2015 Ford #13 Mustang. As you can see from the features below, this model ensures that you get the best value for your money. If you don’t care about money, you can also choose Hoonicorn.

  • Speed: 5.8
  • Transport: 5.4
  • Acceleration: 5.1
  • Departure: 5.4
  • Brake: 4.7
  • Offroad: 4.1

Are you one of those who usually prefer drifting in racing games? Don’t forget to mention your ideas in the comments section!