The Best destroyer builds in Ni No Kuni: Crosswords


In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, players can choose to build a destroyer if they hope to play on a tank fighting on the front line. At first, the Destroyer seems like a kind florist, but he is also a formidable fighter capable of inflicting heavy damage. Various elements of his skill set can be customized according to the style of play and maximize his potential for damage. In addition, players can customize its appearance in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Because of its characteristics, the Destroyer build is an excellent choice for players who prefer to be the main defensive tank and work together in a group.

Players who choose a Destroyer should expect to fight on the front line and receive as much enemy fire as possible. The Destroyer is equipped to withstand heavy damage, which can further strengthen its attacks and hinder enemies. In addition, since his battle takes place so close to the enemies, the Destroyer must work closely with his team in both a defensive and offensive position. The Destroyer is not as agile as the Swordsman during combat in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, but his defense compensates for any lack of speed.

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One of the Destroyer’s best attacks is a Whirlwind. This is an attack in which the Destroyer rotates rapidly and deals damage to everyone within its range. This move is ideal when the Destroyer is on the front line and surrounded by enemies. Another attack he can use against his enemies is Brutal Strike. With this technique, he brings down his hammer with force and knocks down enemies. In addition, any enemies knocked down by the attack force will receive additional damage. “Jumping Storm” is another technique in which the Destroyer will release a powerful charge of his weapon in the game Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and slow down all enemies in range by as much as three seconds. Finally, the ultimate attack of the Destroyer is Hyperstrike, which allows him to summon a huge hammer and bring it down on his enemies. This ability is especially useful for destroying the remaining enemies in the crowd or causing significant damage to the boss.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: The best passive and special skills for the destroyer

As passive skills, players can consider Oath Of Revenge or Counter Slow. The Oath of Vengeance will allow the Destroyer to increase his movement speed, attack speed and defense every time he takes damage. As an alternative Oncoming deceleration will scare enemies away from attacking him, since with this skill, every time enemies target him, there is a chance that they will lose movement speed and attack speed. This is especially effective when the Destroyer works in a team with other players with mobility options, such as the Witch in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

For special skills, players can consider Thorn Trap. This skill will allow the Destroyer to summon vines to bind his enemies and noticeably restrict their movement. This move will allow him to quickly start a fight, get out of a difficult situation or start his rotation without attacking. Alternatively, Blizzard allows the Destroyer to summon an ice storm that slows down and deals damage to all enemies in its path. This move is especially useful against groups of enemies, such as mobs.