The Best Counter-Strike Streamers: A Global Offensive on Twitch


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released about a decade ago, and the Counter-Strike franchise is much older, but it still has a huge player base, both regular fans and professional Twitch streamers. In fact, according to Steam statistics for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the number of players is only growing. This may be due to some of the best esports tournaments, or perhaps due to interesting personalities and professional competitors creating high-quality content on Twitch.

Since the competitive season in Counter-Strike has started again, streamers are likely to become more active with increased interest in the game. While some of the best streamers may take the weekend off during tournaments, many of them keep their shape on the weekend by FACEIT grilling or playing with their friends. It is quite possible that some selected streamers even enter the Danger Zone game for entertainment, offer expensive CS skins:GO as gifts to the audience or go through a planned aiming training mode. The CS:GO community, with over a million simultaneous players, offers a lucrative market for streaming talent.


Arguably the greatest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player to ever walk the earth is also a Twitch streamer. When s1mple doesn’t beat the best in the world at tournaments around the world, he likes to make sure that he never loses shape. Training is what makes even the best players in one of the most challenging multiplayer video games even better. This one does it publicly, usually by joining his professional players in FPL games. When he picks up AWP or Desert Eagle, there is a high probability that a Reddit clip is in the process of being created. He may not be available during grueling tournaments, but rest assured, he will return to his more than 3 million subscribers on Twitch after he brings home the trophy.


This streamer has been playing Counter-Strike professionally and semi-professionally since 2012 and has been one of the most active CS:GO streamers for a long time. Unlike some of Twitch’s most popular streamers who take breaks, fl0m seems to stream constantly and with incredible stability. He is also a co-owner of the Mythic Reborn gaming organization, for which he currently plays Counter-Strike professionally. While tuning in may mean hearing a few obscenities, there will also be funny comments and top-notch gameplay at the highest level. He is also often joined by other, more well-known professional players to co-broadcast some of the biggest events. That’s where their experience and often sharp criticism really shine.

Military Owl

This Counter-Strike streamer is well known not only for its streams on Twitch, but also for high-quality content on YouTube. WarOwl creates interesting, insightful and often humorous CS:GO content, and most of it is streamed to its Twitch streams. A person who refuses to come up with arguments for his YouTube videos and turns it into a meme provides FACEIT and Global Elite gameplay with very frequent special offers for subscribers. He plays these special games with selected Twitch subscribers, often on some topic. The games can feature fun experiments that are integral to the success of WarOwl on YouTube with almost 1.5 million subscribers.


Jacob “Pimp” Winnech, a former professional player who became a Twitch streamer and then a commentator, left his professional career in Counter-Strike a few years ago to focus on content creation. Since then, he has steadily increased the number of his fans, giving advice, offering first-class gameplay and accepting audience challenges. In his free time from streaming, he is one of the commentators of the largest esports tournaments in the world. He brings these ideas to his broadcasts, where viewers can expect him to answer questions in the chat about the latest rumors and comment on the decisions and performances of the team.


Semi-professional CS player:GO from Montenegro is one of the most active FACEIT grinders, where it can be seen fighting with the best professional players in the world. While he is inferior to the FPL crowd in firepower, he can be seen destroying most of the Counter-Strike talents in Kratos’ weightlifting efforts. A muscular man from time to time conducts practical jokes among the audience, where one of his subscribers can get skins, including knives and gloves. Although his behavior may have seemed intimidating at first, the community of more than 400,000 subscribers considered him one of the most interesting CS:GO streamers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is already available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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