The best builds of robbers in Ni No Kuni: Crosswords


In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, players can choose to build a Rogue if they hope to play as a supporting ranged attacker. At first, the Robber looks like a hopeless boy, but he is also a formidable archer capable of causing serious damage. Various elements of his skill set can be customized according to the style of play and maximize his potential for damage and support. In addition, players can customize its appearance in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Because of its characteristics, the Robber build is a great choice for players who want to play an offensive role, but at the same time work closely with the team.

Players who choose a Robber should expect to fight in a team and archery at a distance from their opponents, not hand-to-hand combat. The robber is able to quickly inflict a lot of damage to his enemies, but many of his skills require aiming, so players will have to put themselves in danger. Since his fighting skills work best at a distance, the Rogue can benefit by keeping a safe distance from enemies, and he has decent mobility options if necessary. The robber shows himself best in combat in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds paired with other team members who cause a lot of damage, such as Witches, Swordsmen and Destroyers.

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One of the robber’s best skills is Arrow Storm, an attack that fires a group of arrows at the enemy. This technique can hit several enemies at the same time, and enemies hit by a Storm of arrows will slow down their movement. Another attack he can use against his enemies is Multi-Shot. With this technique, he will release a group of arrows in the shape of a cone, and any enemies hit by this powerful technique will be slowed down and thrown back. This technique works as a great sequel to Arrow Storm, which brings enemies together. Dodging shot is a technique in which a Robber fires a shot from his weapon in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, jumping in the air and moving away from enemies. Finally, the ultimate attack of the Robber is an Ancient Arrow, which allows him to summon an ancient spirit and deal 100% damage to any enemy strike within range.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: The best passive and special skills for the robber

For passive skills, players can consider Quick Move or Death Hunter. Quick Move will allow the Robber to increase his movement speed and attack speed by five seconds for every five attacks he deals. This skill can be especially useful if the player taunts opponents to put them in their place and launch a group of arrows. Alternatively, the Death Hunter increases the Rogue’s damage up to seven times when enemies chase him in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

For special skills, players can consider Meteor Strike. This skill will allow the robber to attack with a meteor to stun everything in the explosion radius from medium to large. This move will allow him to get out of a difficult situation or start his spins without being attacked. Alternatively, Thorn Trap allows the Rogue to stun his opponents by summoning vines and binding his enemies. This move is especially effective to ensure that enemies can target the Rogue due to his passive boosts with the Death Hunter, but they can’t actually damage him. Like a Meteor Strike, this technique also makes it easy to escape if necessary.