The best Bella Thorne movies for a great marathon


Bella Thorne is one of the most famous young actresses, the former Disney girl has played many roles in iconic films, get to know her work on the big screen and choose the next movie you will see from the actress and singer.

Annabella Avery Thorne was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida on October 8, 1997 and from a very young age she appeared in commercials in magazines and on television, beginning to make a name for herself as a child model, which would lead her to dream of being an actress.

Bella Thorne achieved fame in the youth series ‘Shake It Up’, in the Disney production she shared a set with Zendaya, where both stood out for their skills in dancing, acting and singing.

After some time on television screens, the film director, also, decided to venture into the world of music and Bella Thorne released some albums as part of the soundtrack of her series and alone. Now, Thorne is promoting new projects.

On this occasion we will show you the best films of Bella Thorne, the singer of ‘Call It Whatever’ has fallen in love with the public with funny roles in tapes of all genres such as: ‘Together and Scrambled’, ‘Midnight Love’ and ‘La Designated Ultra Ugly ‘


Together and Scrambled.

This film is from 2004 and tells the life of de, a widowed man who takes care of three daughters, one of them is Hilary, played by Bella Thorne.

Lauren is a single with two children. Jim and Lauren meet on a blind date, but everything goes wrong and they decide to move away, after a while life finds them again and now they will feel something strong, is it love?


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Midnight love.

In love with ‘Midnight Love’ the protagonists were: Patrick Schwarzenegger, who played Charlie and Bella Thorne, who had the role of Katie.

The romantic film tells the story of Katie, a girl who suffers from a skin disease that prevents her from being exposed to the sun, because of this she is a nocturnal person who carries out her daily activities only at night and sleeps during the day. She meets Charlie, who quickly falls in love with Katie, doing everything to get closer to her.


The Designated Ultra Ugly.

‘The Designated Ultra Ugly’ or ‘The Duff’ is a teenage quote from 2015 that narrates Bianca’s adventures in high school, the young woman has popular friends at her school and receives much criticism from her peers. Bella Thorne had the role of the queen of the school.

You understand me.

‘You Understand Me’ in a 2017 film starring Bella Thorne, Halston Sage and Taylor John Smith. The film tells of Ali and Tyler’s courtship, everything is going well until the boyfriend spends time with Holly, a beautiful girl who will come to the relationship to stir Tyler’s heart.

The Nanny: Lethal Queen

“The Nanny: Lethal Queen” is a horror film starring Bella Thorne and the film was released on the Netflix platform. “The Babysitter” tells the life of Cole Johnson, a boy who is cared for by his nanny, Bee always defends him from Jeremy, his neighbor. During one night everything gets out of control and nothing seems what it is.

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