The best armor and how to get it in Ghost of Tsushima


We detail how to unlock the best armor for Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima, now available on PlayStation 4, and its special features. In Ghost of Tsushima we can equip Jin Sakai with various armor with special attributes and characteristics and other outfits that only serve for aesthetic reasons but are still interesting to find.

Because Tsushima Island is very large and in each of its corners various secrets, collectibles and more await us, below and as part of this complete game guide we detail how to get the 4 best armor in the game, some of which has a somewhat complex method of obtaining.

Samurai Clan’s Armor

  • How to get it: in the Golden Temple, it is given to us by the blacksmith with whom you have to speak during Mrs. Masako’s first story of missions. It is practically unmissable, as soon as we advance a little in the main story we will receive it automatically.
  • Features: Reduces damage taken, increases health, and taking damage gives us determination. Therefore, it is one of the best armor for defense and recovery of life.
  • Improvements: we can improve it to increase the percentages of the characteristics mentioned above. For example, increasing health by an “immense” amount or gaining 30% determination when taking damage. We need Supplies, Linen, Leather and Silk to get the latest improvements.

Tadayori Armor

  • How to get it: by completing the mythical story “The Legend of Tadayori”, which is based on finding the indicated location and defeating a boss named Kaede.
  • Features: Increase speed of glueing and recharging, increase total concentration time, and headshots restore our concentration meter. Therefore, it is the ideal armor for ranged and bow attacks.
  • Improvements: we can increase the percentages of the mentioned attributes up to 30%, 2 seconds and 50% respectively.
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Gosaku’s Armor

  • How to get it: by completing the mythical story of “Gosaku the unbreakable”, based on finding the 6 keys that lead us to this mythical and formidable armor.
  • Features: increased health, damage done and health restoration when finishing an enemy. Therefore, it is the best to heal us while we fight.
    Improvements: we can improve the percentages and base characteristics up to 3 times.
    Ghost of Tsushima; complete guide PS4 best gosaku armor how to get them
    Kensei armor
  • How to get it: by completing the mythical story “The six swords of Kojiro”.
    Features: Ghost weapons (kunais, bombs, etc.) do a higher amount of damage. Therefore, this armor is recommended if we want to play in stealth ghost mode.
  • Improvements: when visiting a blacksmith we can give you materials and resources to improve the characteristics and attributes of this armor until it makes us unstoppable.


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