The best apps to create your own Christmas greetings


Christmases are an inescapable tradition of Christmas. Some of them come with messages already written while others you will have to put something nice in your own handwriting on the blank card. There are those who are very tricky with the computer and in a few minutes they get out of their hat, or Photoshop, an original postcard that many will want to display. If you are not from this group but want to send something original, we will show you which are the best apps to create your Christmas greetings.


One thing not to have on Christmas Eve or Christmas is someone else’s embarrassment. And for this, the ElfYourself app is ideal. It is a musical act starring elves with your face. Because that’s the beauty of the app: it allows you to use Augmented Reality and put your face in that of one of the dancing elves – yes, even your dog’s. Once you have replaced the faces, you choose one of the pre-set dance routines and have fun with the result. And to increase the fun / cringe, you can upload it as a video to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Merry Christmas Cards and Frames

Of course with such a name it is clear what this application is about. Cards and Frames is a simple tool to send Christmas greetings in different ways. The app will allow you:

Share ready-made Christmas postcards.
Add Christmas frames and Stickers to photos that you like to turn them into original Christmas cards.
Create your own Christmas postcards.
Use Christmas backgrounds to create your own Christmas dedications.
Download Cards and Frames for Android

Touch Note

Personalizing the ‘Christmas’ is what gives them their touch of distinction. And the Touch Note application is ideal for this, because not only does it bring a large number of frames, templates and designs to choose from, but you can also create a card using a photo that you have in your mobile gallery. In fact, you can even send it physically, since the company that created the app is in charge of printing the card and sending it to whoever you want by mail.


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