“The Beginning 2” still has to happen (but not with Nolan and DiCaprio)


The world of The Beginning is still full of potential for a sequel, just not with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role or director Christopher Nolan at the helm. Released in 2010, the original film “The Beginning” is one of the best science fiction films of the 21st century, which introduced the world to the idea of technology for sharing dreams and robbing the mind. It tells a self-contained thriller story about one operation in which a group of experts performs the “beginning”, introducing into the head of a businessman the idea of dissolving his father’s company. However, the world around this single story has much more to offer.

“The Beginning” follows its spy story through a very personal narrative about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb House, who is offered the chance to see his children again by making this last start of a dream heist together. The film ends on an ambiguous note: Cobb reunites with his children, but the audience is not sure if he is still asleep or not. The ending is perfect for the story, raising the question of whether it even matters what reality Cobb is in, if it seems real to him. To make a direct sequel to “The Beginning” after Cobb would ruin this ending, which only works if the audience doesn’t know his fate.

The sequel “The Beginning”, which instead examines the wider world of co-sleeping, provides countless possibilities. Instead of just remaking the same genre and tone, handing over “The Beginning 2” to a new creative team could give a fresh perspective on the universe without damaging the original story. Indeed, Christopher Nolan’s original intention in “The Beginning” in the early drafts was for it to be a horror movie. Giving radically different directors, such as Guillermo Del Toro or Ari Astaire, the opportunity to play in this sandbox can open the doors to this nightmarish vision. And the genre doesn’t have to be horror; the concept of the “Beginning” allows for everything — an intimate psychological study on a smaller scale, a love affair and even a total comedy.

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The strategy of the sequel’s almost completely different creative vision is also already a proven formula, as the vivid sequel to James Cameron’s action movie “Aliens” contrasts sharply with the more intense, isolated horror of Ridley Scott’s original film “Alien.” If we do the same for the real sequel “The Beginning”, then comparison with the first film will be less likely, which will give viewers the opportunity to be surprised and treat it as a separate entity.

Turning The Beginning into a world that different storytellers can explore also makes sense, given the recent revival of the anthology format. Although it was mostly on television, and shows like “Black Mirror” and “Inside No. 9” brought viewers back to the idea of different stories and genres in each part, there’s no reason “The Beginning of 2” couldn’t set a precedent for the big screen. . The intrigue of what another major director and star could do with such a sequel (or prequel) of “The Beginning” with its limitless concept is a tempting enough prospect without the need for a connecting actor or a narrative thread between the films.

The story that Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio tell in the first “Beginning” should be left alone. However, the world created by Nolan is still full of opportunities that can open up from other points of view. The robbery of Cobb’s dream Home may have come to its natural conclusion, but the potential of the “Beginning” has not yet been revealed.


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