The before and after of GOT7, meet the evolution of idols


Find out what the GOT7 members were like before their debut and as rookies. How much have the idols changed?

The world of K-Pop allows us to see beyond what happens on stage, but in addition to knowing the personality of the artists who are part of the different groups, we can observe many of their transformations as a result of their growth and evolution.

In each comeback, GOT7 renews their image to surprise their fans and stick with the style they want to show with the concept of an album, that’s how we get to know many facets of idols, but time is also a factor to transform.

Some of the GOT7 members started their careers when they were very young, and others ventured to change their look even before debut, which is now part of the fandom’s best memories.

Read on and find out what the GOT7 members were like before and their evolution to the present.



Before debuting with GOT7, JB had already participated in other projects such as the debut of JJ Project and some K-Dramas. Although now we almost always see the idol with dark hair, at that time we saw him dye it in various ways and, although he has changed as a result of his growth, he maintains the charm that has always characterized him.


Mark is the biggest member within GOT7, since his childhood and up to the present day the idol has had a cheerful expression and an attentive look. Although he has experimented with his look and style on many occasions, he currently has a more natural look with his hair dyed black.


Jackson used to be an athlete very committed to his discipline, he grew up in a family of athletes and followed in those footsteps, but since then he has distinguished himself by his incredible looks. He is currently one of the idols who stands out in various fields, since in addition to GOT7 he has started projects as a soloist.

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Like JB, Jinyoung was part of several projects before his debut with GOT7, but when comparing the images of the idol’s childhood and the photographs of today, we can see how he has retained much of his qualities and his essence despite of its growth.


Youngjae is another of the GOT7 members who has shown several changes in his style since his debut, since in addition to his hair, his face has shown the maturity of the idol. When GOT7 first performed in front of the public, the members of the maknae line were still very young, so we have witnessed some of their growth.


After the debut of the group, BamBam could have gone through the maknae of the group due to the difference in height and complexion with his peers, however, over time he has become one of the tallest and now enjoys doing routines of exercise to tone your body.


The youngest member of this group is also the tallest, but despite the passage of time, he retains some of his features that give his face an adorable touch. He has experimented with his hair and his dressing style, but he looks more and more attractive in the eyes of his loyal fans.

GOT7 is getting ready for their next comeback and they have already revealed the teaser for Breath, the song that will be released before the album release.


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