The BBC reacted after the EastEnders star was arrested for allegedly kneeing a policeman in the groin


Although it has long been known that drinking alcohol can lead to all sorts of questionable acts, usually of a confrontational nature, EastEnders star Jesse Wallace allegedly took herself far beyond the norm over the weekend. The British actress was arrested early on Sunday morning, June 19, after she was allegedly kicked out of a nightclub for loud and offensive behavior. At some point after the police intervened, she reportedly kneed one policeman in the groin, while insulting him, which caused her to be handcuffed. Although the charges were later dropped and the TV star apologized for her actions, viewers took to social media to express their surprise at the fact that Wallace still works at East End Residents. it’s not entirely clear where everything will land in the future.

When The Sun reported that the BBC management was discussing Wallace’s future at EastEnders the next day, the corporation released a statement (via MailOnline) in which things were right in the middle. The statement read:

The top brass spoke to Jessie Wallace about the incident and directly warned that such behavior is unacceptable. Jessie expressed deep regret.

It is clear that no one at the BBC is in a hurry to fire Jessie Wallace from her job for her alleged drunken actions, which will certainly cause some anger among those who demand that she bear legal responsibility. After footage of the incident surfaced, in which Jesse Wallace’s rude behavior and disobedience were fully demonstrated to the audience, it apparently became easier for fans to justify the desire to dismiss the star from the long-standing staple of British television.

Here’s a summary of how things allegedly played out. Jessie Wallace spent the beginning of Saturday at the Madness concert in Thetford Forest with her new boyfriend, a bodybuilder, and she was seen posing for photos with fans. Later that evening, Wallace was in Suffolk at the Flex nightclub, where she is said to have behaved very drunk and messed around with other patrons. After she was kicked out of the establishment, she participated in what one witness called a “five-minute massacre.”

Wallace allegedly kneed a Suffolk police officer in the groin, causing him to fall to his knees, and also told the police to “fuck off” and called one of them a “fat cunt.” At that moment, she was arrested, and she did not completely calm down before she was put in a police van. Witnesses claimed she also knocked on the car door after being locked inside. However, despite everything that happened, Suffolk police released her without charge, issuing only a conditional warning.

As mentioned above, fans took to Twitter to complain about the lack of punishments, and many of them repeated this user’s comments.

If a famous male actor did this to a policewoman?

Others were not afraid to post about past (alleged) cases involving the BBC star, pointing to a pattern of reckless behavior, as in this tweet.

“Hellraiser” Jessie Wallace’s latest public meltdown recalls the time at the awards ceremony when she showered me with insults and booze and demanded that I be removed from the “VIP Lounge” before security informed her that she had actually stumbled into the press room and it was her who should have left.

The first indicator appeared in the early 2000s, when Jesse Wallace was banned from driving for three years after her second drunk driving violation. At the time, she claimed that someone had diluted her wine with vodka, but this claim was rejected by the court. And it wasn’t even the first time she was filmed with profanity after being kicked out of a nightclub, as there are videos from 2017 showing quite similar behavior. It should also be noted that Wallace has criticized the police in the past for allegedly not investigating the robbery of her daughter Tallulah in 2018.

At the moment, it is unknown how things will turn out, but it does not seem that the BBC is in a hurry to remove Wallace from her long-time starring role. For anyone who wants to hear more here in the US, head over to our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out when new and old shows are coming soon.