The Battle for Tableturf in Platoon 3 Continues the trend of Games in games


Splatoon 3 fans rejoice when news of its contents finally became known. Indeed, earlier today Splatoon 3 received an insightful and playful Nintendo Direct, and with it came a lot of details about the setup, rating modes in rotation, new stages and much more. The release of Splatoon 3 will take place in a little less than a month, and after its launch there will be a lot of interesting things after the pre-release event Splatfest, which will help to launch it.

Splatoon 3 will have plenty of offers on the competitive stage between ranked Anarchy Battles, Turf Wars and Tricolor Turf Wars as part of its first Splatfest. But, as announced during Direct, players will also get an additional mini-game with a separate area dedicated to it in Splatsville. This may have been an unexpected addition for fans of the franchise, but now Splatoon 3 will introduce a 1-on-1 mini-game based on collectible decks of cards. Interestingly, this continues the current trend of large-scale games within games such as Gwent, Machine Strike and Orlog.

The battle for Tableturf in Splatoon 3 is a nice addition to the usual gameplay

Tableturf Battle is a novelty for Splatoon, and although thematically related to the usual PvP in Turf Wars, it is a separate mini-game in Splatoon 3. Tableturf Battle is a competitive 1-on-1 mini-game that revolves around a collection of massive deck of cards, but has the aesthetics and functionality of Tetris. Players still want to saturate the playing field with the color of their ink, but for this they need certain cards. The player’s opponent can play particularly unpleasant block arrangements to prevent the player from playing his own, and vice versa.

Special attacks are also implemented differently depending on the cards that the players have, but Yandex.Direct does not say how the cards will be earned. It is assumed that the cards will be received for winning 1-on-1 matches and possibly as a residual reward for regular multiplayer matches in Splatoon 3.

It is also possible to purchase cards from merchants, but fans will have to wait either until more details about Tableturf Battle are revealed, or until the game is released next month. Many players returning from Splatoon and Splatoon 2 may be excited about Tableturf Battle, and some may not be interested in it at all. However, this is the beauty of games within games; they are optional, but can be very attractive to players who appreciate them.

Tableturf Battle combines games such as Gwent, Machine Strike and others

The fact that Splatoon is now indulging in a mini-game like Tableturf Battle is fantastic, and time will tell whether its popularity will rise to the level of games like Gwent, Machine Strike and Orlog. Moreover, Tableturf Battle is a kind of addition to Splatoon 3, since it is still predominantly a multiplayer PvP game that has little in common with card mini-games.

Games within games are more common in open-world role-playing games, where the player can have a lot of free time to explore and he can meet non-player characters who want to exchange them or earn cards. However, upon closer inspection of Splatoon 3 and the features it introduces in its central Splatsville world, there is actually a lot of content included so that players can loaf around while spending time outside of combat.

Games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Horizon Forbidden West and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are large—scale action games with significant breaks between exciting actions. In settlements or other areas inhabited by non-player characters, players can find characters willing to play a mini-game with them, simple but comprehensive, which immerses them even more into the game world. Players can then find other cards or items for the mini-game of this game and enter the next match with a stronger hand to play.

Splatoon 3 now has the opportunity to introduce such an influential mini-game, and it will be interesting to see how it will develop throughout the life of the game. The key difference between Tableturf Battle and some of its analogues is that, although most of them are single-player, Tableturf Battle is played online in a 1-on-1 competitive mode.

Splatoon 3 is released on September 9, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.


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