The Batman’s Vision Date Postponed to 2022


Warner Bros. Studios postponed the release date of The Batman, in which Robert Pattinson will bring Batman to life, to 2022. Filming had to be suspended several times before, for various reasons.

Many films that are scheduled to be released this year have been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, which the World Health Organization thinks may have infected one in 10 people in the world. In addition to the interruption of filming due to the epidemic, box office expectations also caused many films to be postponed.

One of the movies whose release date was postponed was Dune, which was highly anticipated by its fans. The vision date of the movie, which Dennis Villenevue was the director of, was delayed for 1 year. New films continue to join the list of films whose release dates have been postponed.

The Batman’s vision date postponed to 2022

Last August, the first trailer of The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson was shared and the year 2021 was marked as the release date of the film. Filming was previously stopped due to both the coronavirus epidemic and Robert Pattinson’s COVID-19.

Warner Bros. Studios have now announced that the release date of the film has been delayed to 2022. The movie’s new release date is currently seen as March 4, 2022. The studio also postponed the release date of Matrix’s new movie, but limited this delay to only 4 months.

The release date of the fourth movie of The Matrix, where we will see Keanu Reeves as Neo again, has been moved 4 months forward and the new release date of the film is December 2021. The shooting of the film, written and directed by Lana Watchowski, had also been delayed due to the coronavirus. Tenet is currently the only major production released after the coronavirus outbreak. Christopher Nolan’s film grossed $ 307 million worldwide.

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