The Batman: Site Allows Fans To Solve Riddler Puzzles


The Batman fans were surprised this week with a new promotional website for the Warner Bros. movie. There, fans interact virtually with the Riddler, character played by Paul Dano, who makes his iconic puzzles to the public.

The website is a creation of Warner Bros. itself. and from DC Comics, as indicated at the bottom of the screen. However, the past energy is that you are in an underground internet site, because of the layout and programming interface used by the creators.

The coolest part of the promotion is that it allows Bruce Wayne fans to try to solve three of the villain’s riddles and, in the end, if you can answer all the riddles correctly, you end up getting a surprise.

The three questions asked are:

“What’s black and blue and dead everywhere?”;
“I can be easy or a dead end. Watch out when you cross me”;
“Those who make me will likely break me.”
You can go directly to the website and try to answer the questions provided in order to access the gift.