The Batman: Robert Pattinson Talks Hero Psychology


The Batman: In an interview recently published by the French magazine Premiere, Robert Pattinson, interpreter of the next Batman, revealed some details about the psychology of the hero of Gotham City.

According to the actor, Bruce Wayne has full conviction about his condition and even has an ethical and moral code not to kill anyone while dressed as the Dark Knight.

“There’s this rule like Batman of not killing any individual whatsoever for whatever crime [he] has committed. And that can be interpreted in two different ways,” Pattinson said. “Either he just wants to inflict the appropriate punishment or he wants to kill and his self-control prevents him from completing the action”, he reflected.

“I imagined him like that since the rehearsal of our first fight [in the film], but I confess I found it funnier that there was something in him whose greatest desire was to cut his opponent’s throat”, joked the actor.

“But I told myself that if he spends his nights chasing bad guys, it’s impossible that he doesn’t enjoy it. He suffers and it is a desire that constantly dominates him,” he revealed.

The Batman: learn more about the character’s conception in the film

For the new interpreter of the Dark Knight, in the production directed by Matt Reeves, the hero will practically be living in the gutter in search of something that encourages him to continue fighting crime around the city. “He’s almost never home and he lives on the street when he’s wearing his signature uniform,” said Robert Pattinson during the same interview.

“He practically lives a criminal life, but without committing crimes,” he pointed out. “I felt like I could take something out of that to play him better. Anyway, I could only live a superhero if he was really like that,” he emphasized.

When talking about other issues surrounding Batman’s psychology in the new film, Pattinson added that there’s a visceral energy to this point in the Gotham hero’s life. “He always manages to calm down when he can hit, it hits him in a state close to fullness,” Pattinson said.