The Batman: Robert Pattinson Recounts The Final Fantasy VII Love Triangle To Zoë Kravitz


The Batman: The famous actor explains to his co-star the relationship between Aeris, Tifa and Cloud in Square’s iconic video game in an interview with The Batman. Sometimes certain famous people discover their passion for video games in totally unexpected contexts, bringing joy to their fans by sharing hobbies in common with their admired performers, singers, athletes or artists of any kind. In the past we have already known the love of a superstar like Henry Cavill for the video game industry or classic desktop role-playing games -even sharing the famous video assembling his own gaming PC-. Now, Batman himself -in the skin of Robert Pattinson- has shared his passion for Final Fantasy VII in the middle of an interview about the new film with an incredulous Zoë Kravitz who did not expect such a detailed account from Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson discovers his passion for Final Fantasy 7

This has happened in a recent interview of both interpreters by The Batman and in which Pattinson, suddenly, has explained that Final Fantasy VII was the first video game that made him cry. To Zoë Kravitz’s incredulity, the actress asks what she is talking about. At that moment, Pattinson recounts the outcome of Square’s famous 1997 video game, even detailing that Aeris was also translated as Aerith depending on the region.

“It’s a love triangle with Aeris, she’s like the really nice girl who has superpowers to heal everyone and make everyone better, and then with Tifa, she’s like a sexy thief and wears a short skirt. And you say, ‘I can’t decide!’ And then, Aeris, right in the glory of her, they kill her. That’s how all men find out what love is,” says Pattinson.

The conversation continues between laughs adding that they let us choose between “who is going to cure everyone or the one in the short skirt”. The Batman opens in theaters this coming March 4, 2022.