The Batman: Robert Pattinson and Riddler Appear in New Film Photos


The Batman: New promotional images for the film The Batman, a new DC production, revealed more details of Robert Pattinson’s costume. After a tumultuous production process due to the coronavirus pandemic, Matt Reeves’ project has just been filmed and is now in post-production. It also means that Warner Bros. is preparing to finally start commercializing the project.

Some details of the plot of the film are still under wraps, but Reeves provided information on the overall setting for The Batman. The film will feature Bruce Wayne in his second year as the hero. Another fact that has been revealed is that the blockbuster will exploit corruption in Gotham and how the Waynes are supposed to connect to all of that.

Remembering that the events of the film will be separated from the DCEU. Instead, it will be portrayed on Earth-2, although it was initially a project for Ben Affleck’s Bat of Gotham.

The image shown offers the best look of the uniform from the waist up, with the lighting highlighting the details from the chest to the shoulder pads and the hood.

A series of new promotional arts for the film was also revealed, including new photos of Batman, the Batmobile, Selina Kyle and the villain Riddler (top right).


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