The Batman: Post-Credits Hides Mysterious Message; Check Out!


The Batman premiered in Brazilian cinemas in early March and has already achieved good box office numbers in Brazil and worldwide. With Robert Pattinson in the lead role, the film takes a darker approach to the Dark Knight, who embarks on an investigation to unmask the villainous Riddler.

Unlike most hero movies these days, The Batman doesn’t have a post-credits scene, but if you left the theater as soon as the movie ended, you probably missed a cryptic message left by the production in the final minutes of the screen.

What’s the message?

At the end of the credits, a question mark, a symbol used by the Riddler throughout the film, appears in the center of the screen, rocked by the villain’s breath in the background. After that, the message flashes on the screen and quickly shows the address

When accessing the site, we find a chat with the villain, who obviously uses his famous riddles: “First I’m a fraud or a trick, or maybe a mixture of both. That depends on your misinterpretation”; “It’s more than just a game. There is one who hides behind one”; “what was new, is new again”. The answers are confusion, masking, and renewal, respectively.

With the riddles answered, a video of Thomas Wayne’s mayoral campaign appears on the screen, while the phrase “the truth about Gotham” is scrawled” in the clip. To make the interaction more immersive, it is also possible to download a folder with several files of the villain. .

So, did you already know about the message hidden in the credits of The Batman?