The Batman: Movie Runtime Us Revealed And Surprises; Look!


The Batman: In a statement sent to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. confirmed the runtime of The Batman in cinema. According to the studio, the Matt Reeves-directed project will run for an impressive 175 minutes, making it the longest Dark Knight movie ever produced.

Warner’s announcement took fans by surprise and confirmed that The Batman will be the second longest-running movie starring DC Comics heroes. The film will be second only to Justice League Snyder Cut, which holds the podium not only as the most enduring film from the comic book company, but also one of the blockbusters with the most screen time in recent decades, reaching the mark of 242 minutes.

Now, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, taking into account only the films starring the Hooded Crusader, takes the second place in the ranking of duration, with The Dark Knight Rises (165 minutes) holding the second lead.

It is worth remembering that the difference between the film starring Robert Pattinson can shoot even more if there are post-credits scenes, as, according to Warner, there will be about 8 minutes with end credits.

The Batman opens exclusively in theaters on March 3, 2022.