The Batman Director Responds To Criticism Over The Film’s Running Time


The Batman: After the premiere of The Batman has already taken place in most countries, the first reviews regarding the new Batman movie are appearing. So far, the result appears to be quite positive, with an 87% approval rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes. However, some people are pointing out the film’s flaws.

The main complaint so far is the length of the feature film. With almost 3 hours of film, The Batman, according to some critics, becomes tiring and makes the story end up getting lost. According to them, the flaw could be in the combination of script and duration.

Director Matt Reeves, who also wrote the script alongside Peter Craig, didn’t let those criticisms go unanswered. In Reeves’ opinion, the audience doesn’t even feel the time pass. He also warns that, before the final cut, the film was supposed to have been even longer.

“After seeing the film, I think [the long run] is no longer a problem. It’s immersive, it takes you along and keeps you engrossed. […] In fact, it used to be longer”, argued the director.

When commenting on how it was longer, Reeves makes reference to the fact that a 4-hour version of the film was tested on the big screen for a limited audience, but the end result was the nearly 3-hour film.

Also lives on praise

In general, The Batman has been highly praised for the first reviews it has received, which point to a great movie for fans.

The film has been defined as extremely faithful to the DC Comics. In addition, the critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes reads the following definition for the feature: “A dark, gritty, and gripping super-noir, The Batman is among the darkest – and most thrillingly ambitious – live-action Knight of the Knights. Darkness”.

Apart from the definition brought, the cast of the production was also highly praised. The main highlight is the protagonist Robert Pattinson, who plays the man-bat. However, Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz and Colin Farrell also delivered top-notch performances.