The Batman: Deleted Scene From The Movie Features The Villain Joker; Look


Warning: The text contains spoilers for The Batman!

The Batman: This Thursday (24) Warner Bros. revealed a deleted scene from The Batman that excited fans of the Dark Knight. That’s because the video features an old acquaintance of the Bat and one of the franchise’s most beloved villains: Joker, played by actor Barry Keoghan (Eternals).

Check out the full scene:

In the scene, Batman goes to the villain’s cell in Arkham in an attempt to get answers to Riddler’s riddles. However, Wayne only gets taunts and the classic creepy laugh.

In addition, it is possible to have a clearer view of the Joker, who has more scars and marks on his face than previous adaptations. The character also only has a few patches of green hair and the skin is stained with blood.


In theaters since the beginning of this month, The Batman has been collecting good audience numbers and, consequently, box office. Last weekend, the worldwide box office reached US$ 600.5 million, after the film premiered in China.

It is also worth remembering that HBO Max will soon launch a Penguin spin-off series, starring Colin Farrell.