The Batman Debuts With Box Office Records, Has It Surpassed Your Previous Films?


The Batman: Matt Reeves’ film is consolidated as a real blockbuster not only in the United States, but in the rest of the world. Aim very high. The Batman has arrived in theaters ready to smash all the existing records of the Dark Knight. Having completed its first weekend at the box office, the time has come to check how its performance has been commercially, which translates to #1 in 73 of the 74 territories in which it was released on March 4 . In total, more than 248.5 million dollars grossed in its first weekend alone. The best historical opening for a Batman origin film.

The Batman signs the best weekend and best international premiere of 2022

The information, advanced by Collider, is already made explicit in the Box Office Mojo database. In just three full days, the Matt Reeves film has amassed no less than $128.5 million in the domestic market; the other remaining 120 million dollars come from the rest of the territories, in which there is also Spain, where of course it was the highest grossing film of the weekend.

With these data, The Batman is already the film with the best debut in a weekend of 2022 so far and the best opening of the year for the film industry so far this year. Success for Warner Bros., however, scoring its best premiere in the pandemic era. In fact, it’s the best weekend for the WB since 2016.

Bombshell in the United States; success for Matt Reeves, Warner Bros and Batman himself

If we look only at the United States, it is one of only two film productions capable of exceeding $100 million in its first weekend since December 2019 (before the start of the pandemic). The other movie capable of doing so was Spider-Man: No Way Home with its whopping $121.9 million in its opening weekend (it’s currently over $786 million in North America alone).