The Batgirl star tweeted a thread to the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery To David For the Glory


Ivory Aquino, who worked on the delayed “Batgirl” project, issued a statement addressed directly to the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery to David Zaslav. Aquino, the actress who was supposed to play Alicia Yeo in the film, wrote a letter trying to convince the CEO to release the film after the actors and crew had put so much work into it.

The decision to postpone Batgirl, which has dominated entertainment news cycles in recent weeks due to its unprecedented nature, was extremely controversial. It is reported that the film was postponed due to tax cuts. Despite the fact that the film cost $90 million and was almost ready, Zaslav decided to cut the film from the HBO Max schedule and instead put the footage under “lock”.

In light of the decision to cut the film, Aquino made an emotional appeal to Zaslav, asking that the film be released according to the original plan. In his message, Aquino notes that the film now has a lot of free advertising, which will reduce the advertising budget to negligible figures. She also notes that the cast and crew of “Batgirl” were devastated by the news, writing, “As much as I’ve tried my best to be strong in the last few weeks, I’ve been crying for lack of a better term. , from grief.”

She also praised Leslie Grace for putting on a “brave face” as the film’s star, citing her composure as a way to “take care” of the cast and crew. Aquino also noted that she didn’t ask the star if she was saddened by the news, instead preferring to let her deal with her emotions alone. In her thread, she equated the film industry to a machine running on gears. Although the gear at the top, in this case Zaslav, may not move much, according to her, it will have a greater impact on the gears located under the main gear.

Aquino’s commitment to the film is touching. It was easy to root for Batgirl in light of the heartless way the movie was delayed. Several actors and members of the Batgirl crew expressed disappointment with Zaslav’s decision. The film was supposed to feature several promising roles by actors such as Grace, Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser, who will not be seen again.

According to some reports, the film may even be deleted so that it will never be seen. This is because the IRS probably won’t agree that Warner Bros. Discovery referred to the film as a tax write-off because it contradicts several rules of the organization. However, if Zaslav doesn’t end up using the film as a tax write-off, but instead takes to heart the words of Aquino and several other well-known supporters (including Marvel Studios’ own Kevin Feige), then it may still be possible to release Batgirl. .


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