“The Barbarian” Is Being Broadcast on HBO Max, And People Are Going Crazy Because of The Wild Twists on Twitter


But seriously, if you haven’t seen “The Barbarian” yet, I recommend watching it with an HBO Max subscription before reading any further. It’s worth the surprises!

After “The Barbarian” impressed at the box office last month, the horror movie has already become available on streaming, leading to a whole new wave of viewers who have experienced its terrifying premise. It’s one of those movies where you just have to reach out to someone to say “What the fuck” and people take to Twitter to talk about the wild release.

“The Barbarian” is one of the most reviewed films of 2022 (in our review we gave it 4 out of 5 points), so obviously when it hit HBO Max, people were going to tune in to it. Here’s one accurate description of what it’s like to watch a barbarian:

The marketing for the barbarian was extremely clever. The trailer made everyone believe that they were going to a completely different movie than it really is. For example, many people probably thought that Bill Skarsgard would become a villain after playing Pennywise in the “It” movies. Also, the actual creature hiding in the Airbnb basement is such an unexpected discovery.

During a video interview with CinemaBlend “The Barbarian”, we talked with screenwriter and director Zack Kregger about what he inspired to create the film, which he compared to Grendel from “Beowulf”. Yes, once you see that breastfeeding scene between the creature and Justin Long, you’ll never be the same either.

A lot of talk about the “Barbarian” revolved around how funny the main characters were who climbed into the deep dark basement of Airbnb when there were clear signs of danger. But hey, if everyone was smart in horror movies, we wouldn’t have these nightmare scenarios. You often don’t get into such situations by looking both ways and doing all your research. This roughly sums it up:


The Barbarian especially received a lot of praise for how unexpected he is. The film cleverly has two beginnings that bring two different characters into the same house (and they both find completely different tones in all of this). Justin Long, in particular, brings a bit of comedy to the film after Georgina Campbell and Bill Scargard’s Tess and Kit begin the film. As another Twitter user praised:


However, not everyone was impressed by the big turns. Perhaps it was all too hyped up for some to expect their brains to explode:


Although it seems that the transition of “The Barbarian” from cinemas to streams was shorter than usual, it happens just in time for Halloween, when viewers are especially ready to get a little scared. “The Barbarian” remains one of the wildest and most memorable films of 2022, so it’s no surprise that people are now discussing it on social media.


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