The Barbarian director has a killer idea for a prequel, so let’s cross our fingers


There are spoilers ahead for the Barbarian.

ATTENTION: there are full spoilers ahead for the Barbarian. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s already available on an HBO Max subscription.

2022 was a great year for the release of new horror films. From the one-two punch of T.West’s “X” and the prequel “Pearl”, there is no third cinematic release of Jordan Peele, to the return of the “Scream” franchise after a twelve-year hiatus, if you are a fan of scary movies, there is no better time than to imagine being a fan. But one shocking film stands out from the rest: the film of the actor-turned-director Zach Kregger, which received good reviews from critics. The marketing of Varvara was brilliant. The trailers depicted only scenes from the first third of the film and were expertly edited, making keen-eyed viewers think that Pennywise, the dancing clown, actor Bill Skarsgard was the villain of the film.

Now that the movie is being broadcast, people are going crazy about the wild twists of the movie. Basically, Skarsgard is brutally hit on the head only in a third of the film by one of the real villains: an innate topless psycho with a mommy fetish, known as the Mother. And although the Mother dies by the end of the film, fans are already demanding a sequel. Although Kregger said in a recent interview that he is not going to return to the world of the Barbarian any time soon, he has an idea for a prequel. The director said:

Matthew (Davis, “Mother”) and I really discussed what the prequel would be, and I’m not going to (do that). I’m pensively writing something else right now, so I’m not focused on that, but yes, maybe a prequel. I think if this movie had a prequel, it would have to follow “Mother.” This was supposed to make the Mother the main character and tell her story. And I think I’m interested, I don’t want to do a prequel about Frank kidnapping women, I’m not interested.

One of the many surprises of the film was an episode of 1980s flashbacks in the third act, which told about a serial kidnapper, abuser and, eventually, killer Frank. This episode plays an important role in explaining the origin of the Mother and works wonders, causing viewers to have some sympathy for the unusual horror villain. Kregger’s prequel seems to be the most logical and exciting approach if there is a sequel. I would like to see a prequel dedicated to the story of the Mother. This approach can change the context of “Barbarian”, giving viewers a new experience of using secondary watches.

There are already too many horror films based on the story of sick men who keep women in cages and do terrible things to them. The whole film about Frank would be uninteresting not only to the director, but also, most likely, would be uninteresting to most viewers. A Frank-centric film would be an unworthy successor to the brilliant originality that “The Barbarian” demonstrates.

For me, “The Barbarian” was one of those rare cinematic experiences when I was completely taken by surprise and absorbed in terrifying shock and awe, so I believe that it is destined to be added to my list of the best horror films of all time. Let’s hope that if a sequel or prequel does come out, the filmmakers will approach the material in the same shocking way and give us a decent sequel.


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