The Baker Street Irregulars: Sherlock Holmes relation


Launched last Friday (26) by Netflix, the series The Irregulars of Baker Street (The Irregulars, in the original) drew public attention for bringing up a story that has a lot to do with the infamous detective Sherlock Holmes, a character originally created by writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

The production features a somewhat vulnerable group of young people working for Holmes and Watson in Victorian London. However, in the Netflix series, the detective (played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and his faithful companion (Royce Pierreson) are quite scary and manipulate their subordinates in very dangerous situations.

But how exactly do Baker Street Irregulars relate to the famous Sherlock Holmes stories?

Arthur Conan Doyle had previously cited the Baker Street Irregulars group

As the series narrative progresses, many mysteries surround the characters. Sherlock Holmes and Watson appear in a way that no one was used to before. However, Tom Bidwell, creator of the production, relied directly on the original writings of Arthur Conan Doyle for the composition of the episodes.

The group of these very intelligent young men, also known as Baker Street irregulars, was seen in two Sherlock Holmes novels – A Study in Red (1887) and The Sign of the Four (1890) – and also in a short story about the well-known detective. as The Adventures of the Crooked Man (1893).

However, Bidwell decided to develop a series from the point of view of the Irregulars, showing how they saw one of the most famous detectives in literature. Thus, in the production of Netflix, we watch the group unraveling several cases of Sherlock Holmes, while he is just an addict.

However, the series is not linked to any particular novel or short story, but clings to the original characters of Conan Doyle to compose his own plot. The cast also features Harrison Osterfield, Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, McKell David and Ansu Kabia.

So be sure to watch! The Baker Street Irregulars series is now available on Netflix.


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