The backstory of the soldier boy Mother’s Milk makes his plot even sadder


Warning: contains SPOILERS for the third season of The Boys.

It’s not entirely clear what the connection is between the Mother’s Milk and the Soldier Boy in Season 3 of Boys, but it’s already obvious that the influence of the Homelander on the vigilante’s daughter makes this story more difficult for him. In The Boys, every gang member has a reason to hate superheroes. The Butcher wants revenge on the Homelander for his monstrous abuse of the Butcher’s wife, Huey wants revenge for the fact that A-Train killed his girlfriend, and even Frenchy is outraged by his inability to stop the Lamplighter.

Nevertheless, Mother’s Milk is one of the most adamant in its hatred of soups, and its arguments in favor of this have never been explicitly stated. However, now that “Soldier Boy” has appeared in the third season of “Boys,” memories are beginning to clarify the origin of the Mother’s milk anger. Unfortunately for the antihero, this origin story only made his current predicament worse.

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From what has been shown so far in the third season of “Boys”, Soldier Boy was a chauvinistic, nationalist, right-wing politician who directly harmed his Mother’s family and indirectly led to the death of his father (judging by the mysterious memories in episode 4). Now the Homelander embodies the same characteristics and is someone who is idolized by both the daughter of Mother’s Milk and her stepfather, that is, M.M. must watch his daughter fall in love with the monster who destroyed his life (while the Butcher secretly makes a deal with the Soldier himself in his own interests). Since the origin of the Boy Soldier is still unclear, it is difficult to say for sure what role he played in the past of Mother’s Milk, but it seems that their ill-fated interaction directly led M.M. to hate soups.

In a brief flashback of episode 4, Mother’s Milk suffers from visions of a Smugly grinning Boy Soldier on TV, contrasting with quick shots of the house where Mother’s Milk spent her childhood destroyed by an explosion. The bloodied bodies around what appears to be a young mother’s milk, along with the revelation of the first episode that cocaine imported into the US by Wout was sold mainly in minority areas, paint a picture of what could have happened between the two sides. Given the anti-drug social advertising of soup, there is a high probability that the young Mother’s Milk and his family were attacked by the villainous boy soldier Jensen Ackles as part of Vout’s campaign to terrorize minority areas under the pretext of suppressing the distribution of cocaine.

If this is confirmed, and a future episode shows that a Soldier Boy killed a member of the Mother’s Milk family as part of this racist project, it explains why a vigilante gang member is so outraged by the uncontrolled power of soup. It also explains why Mother’s Milk finds Huey and Butcher’s cavalier attitude towards Compound V so morally repugnant, given the damage that Vaught’s alleged “war on drugs” has inflicted on his family. Finally, this makes Janine’s “Homeland” fandom much sadder, because, like Mother’s milk, watching the “Boy Soldier” with admiration on TV before the traumatic attack on his family home, an innocent young character does not understand that he supports one of the most monstrous characters in “Boys”. Season 3.