The Bachelor: Why Fans Suspect That Katie Still Hasn’t Broken Up With Greg


Katie Thurston’s season on The Bachelorette ended on a very dirty note, and now that Katie has released a single again, fans suspect she may have Greg Grippo at heart. By the end of the season, Katie had several reliable connections. She was particularly taken with Greg’s down-to-earth energy, and the couple bonded over the loss of their fathers. Katie also had her eye on Michael Allio and quickly imagined herself as a stepmother in an instant family with Michael and his son. After a few weeks, Michael realized that he needed to give priority to his family, and left until the end.

Katie’s last survivor, the most likely life partner, was Greg. However, after Katie met Greg’s family, he felt that he had put all his feelings on the line. He thought he got a calculated response from the Bachelorette Party, not a cordial welcome from the woman he loved. It was too much for Greg. He couldn’t get any more vulnerable and decided he needed to leave. When he stated that Katie didn’t show enough emotion to him, she objected that she was trying to be an active listener and took all this into account. In the end, Greg left after a very emotional and tense goodbye, and Katie locked herself in the bathroom, sobbing. .

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While Kate got engaged to Blake Moines and then dated John Hersey, it’s over with both men, and fans think Greg can still weigh on Katie’s heart. When it came to Greg and Katie’s conversation during the episode “The Last Rose”, everything seemed very unconvincing. Tayshia Adams and Caitlin Bristow looked stunned when Katie accused Greg of being an actor and leading her without the intention of getting engaged. Greg looked similarly stunned, insisting that he felt Katie didn’t reciprocate the intensity of the love he felt. While Katie insisted that she had been mistreated but was happy with Blake, the aggression and anger she brought to the conversation led to something even more disturbing.

At the time, Anna Hyatt joked on Twitter: “Katie is baiting Greg about Katie’s gaslighting about Greg’s gaslighting about Katie’s gaslighting.” From the outside, it looked as if two people were not ready for the proactive transparency and vulnerability that are necessary in a real adult monogamous relationship playing the blame game. Katie probably regretted not opening up to Greg more radically by playing the non-committal game of “The Bachelor.” While Greg probably felt bad about leaving so quickly. Michael Yagubyan joked: “Greg versus who Katie thinks Greg is,” next to Greg and Paulie Dee from Jersey Shore.

Almost a year after the breakup of Greg and Katie’s relationship, fans think that Katie is ready to start a relationship with Greg again. However, Greg said he was meeting someone in Paris this spring, so he may not be available. However, Greg’s romance with Andrew Spencer is thriving, indicating that fans may see more of both guys in Bachelor in Paradise. If this is the case, Katie may remain in the shadows forever. On the other hand, Katie’s latest Instagram post hints that she may have joined BIP too. Lingering questions and experiences from “The Bachelor” may be enough to bring Katie and Greg at least one more round of uncomfortable conversations.